How to make sure distance education makes students learn?

distance education

How to make sure distance education makes students learn?

Distance education is forming the basis of educational strategies followed these days.

This is because the emergence of the global pandemic decided that the students and teachers adopt this format of learning quicker than sooner. However, getting the attention of students is even tougher in distance education rather than in classrooms. But, by following these tips, you can make sure that the students are hooked to asynchronous learning in which the teacher is not present with them.

The students should be motivated through the online learning sessions. Therefore, to incite their interest, the following tools can be used:

Audio and videos

Videos and audios are the perfect way to arouse the interest of students. This method of teaching also explains the complex topics to them by grabbing their interest. The students are easily able to remember such concepts when they are taught through such methods.

Analyzing information in smaller parts

Also, learning should never be done as a whole. It should be done in small parts. That’s when it’s most beneficial for learners. There are different skills needed in learning. It involves getting information analyzing it and then preparing a final design in their mind. So, for students watching any kind of work is important. So, that’s how elearning designs should be built for them i.e. in an informative way.

Inclusion of games

Games are an excellent way to make sure that the learners can get a better understanding of the materials. The role-playing games are excellent ways to make sure that the students get the real-life situations better. They are given scenarios and their reactions are tested when they don the roles of fictional characters. There are also decision-games in which they are asked to choose the best reaction in a hypothetical situation. The students can also be given traditional games where their performance is tested in a given time limit to do a task.

Ensure ease of learning

Distance learning has one shortcoming. In real life classes when students are not able to understand anything, they can ask their classmates about it. But this is not the case in distance learning where such interaction does not happen.

So, there are various ways in which you can respond to student’s queries in distance education:

  • Make sure that you inform students when you will be available on video conferencing tools or social networks.
  • You should take an interest in their problems and listen to them carefully
  • Be involved in the whole interaction process with students
  • Make sure students have ample online discussions between them. Ask specific students to find topics for such discussions.
  • Participate in such online discussions and ask questions from students
  • You can have such online discussions on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This is how students can be involved more in distance education.


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