Is introducing an LMS in the company easy?


Is introducing an LMS in the company easy?

An LMS is a useful tool for a company. But it is quite expensive for a small company. Sometimes, small companies try to find replacements for an LMS. They aim to make sure that employees all over the world can see their content through an LMS. For example, you can share documents in Google Drive for employees to be able to access them. You can also use Google classroom for the same purpose. It allows you to create Google files and share them on a PC with other learners. It’s also useful for education in the K12 domain and you can use it to teach your students.

Migrate to an LMS with proper instructions

The companies however have to migrate from Google-based tools to an LMS. It takes time. Sometimes, the time taken can be as much as 1.5 to 2 years. The departments are also used to employing Google for meeting their training needs. All you need to share Google Drive documents with everyone is to make sure that they have access permissions. The stakeholders which include learners and creators can also have some problems in adjusting to the LMS. So, they might have questions that why Google drive is getting replaced with an LMS. It’s because Google drive is so easy to use. You just have to access your google drive with your Gmail account to access the shared documents.

It’s important to train employees so that they can use the new LMS. You can mention to them the instructions required so that using the LMS becomes easier for them. Manuals about using the LMS can be uploaded on it. These documents should be properly worded including screenshots in them. This way, employees won’t have a problem using the LMS. There will be no confusions regarding its use and it will serve the purpose like it’s supposed to do.

Plan to use the LMS methodically

Write down your progress, and how much time do you plan to take. Share this schedule with the prospective users of the LMS. Prepare a schedule and monitor the development of those on the content team. They should be able to share with you what they have learnt. You can also prepare tutorials about the LMS so that employees learn about them in a better way. Imagine from the viewpoint of learners what they need to learn about the LMS. Prepare the tutorials from the perspective of the worst learners also.

You can also supervise how often these new users of the LMS are using it to get to know whether they are getting adept at it. Practice makes a man perfect, so if the users are not logging on to the new LMS, this implies that they are not finding the tutorials useful. So, make changes in them accordingly.

It’s important to make sure that you have a proper timeline in place to migrate to the new LMS.

The learners can also ask questions about how the new LMS works in the sense that what are they supposed to do if something goes wrong. These questions have to be answered because otherwise, the learners might find that the LMS is not up to the mark. It’s better to have small tutorials about the LMS where you focus on one function of the LMS. It’s because learners can use such tutorials just in time when they need to carry on with the LMS.

This is how you can switch from a Google Drive based document sharing method to an LMS in a feasible way.


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