Robotic process automation

Why should companies shift to Robotic process automation?

Ever since technology has taken over the world, everyone is worried that the bots will start doing the jobs of human beings. But bots are just able to make simple decisions. These decisions include if something happens, what to do next. The bots can cause so many enhancements in productivity because they do tasks that are monotonous for human beings. For example, bots do tasks like taking simple decisions based on what they see on an input screen.

They make a decision based on that input and then enter some data on another input screen.

The main reason why bots are deployed is that enterprise applications are needed in a company. However, this requires information has to be moved between legacy software and a modern-day application. So shifting information manually is an easier task as compared to using application programming interfaces to integrate two different kinds of software.

Robots don’t make mistakes

Robotic process automation(RPA) also makes sure that the processes which are prone to error by human beings are carried out correctly.

Apart from that, the robots can also rework a process without getting bored. Robots also follow all rules with complete accuracy. The capability of an organization is increased multifold when robots are used. There is no human laziness factor involved which can happen when they have to work long hours.

No intrusion

RPA does not intrude on the way the current software is getting operated. Moreover, the results delivered by robots are consistent all the time.

Better analytics

The company gets better process results when the robots are used to carry out tasks. This is because they execute tasks with accurate results. So, the entire company benefits from correct data and can take better decisions.

Better employee productivity

RPA makes sure employees don’t have to do monotonous tasks any more. They can focus on more intelligent tasks such as interacting with customers and clients. They can give a better output than robots when doing such tasks. So, instead of chatbots interacting with customers, humans do which leads to better customer satisfaction and repeat business. When companies are delegating data entry and processing to robots, they are making them do what they are good at. The goodwill of the company improves when their calls are handled by human beings instead of robots who cant answer complex questions. Making robots answer the calls is like using IVR(Interactive voice response) to handle them.

When RPA is handling the calls, the humans have to choose one option from the different options IVR presents to them. So, if the customer is having a trivial problem, then the call is not passed to a human call operator rather a chatbot handles it. This is the solution to ordinary problems where the chatbot has been fed with the solution.

Checking of data stored in different systems

RPA makes sure that the data from various systems are compared and then integrated. When the data is compared, then the different processes can be easily carried out. Some processes don’t have to put on hold for lack of data.

So, these are the advantages of using RPA in a company.



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