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Is data archiving a feasible solution?

Cloud storage was not so popular almost 10 years back. But it has become so popular now. Enterprises are also taking up this product now.

Although data archiving is required due to compliance issues, companies can get rid of on-site backup and opt for cloud data servers that charge as the volume of data stored grows.

There is the problem of Latency in cloud

The companies are shifting their data to the cloud which is a good option. However, a response time is needed when the requests are sent to the cloud and how much time is taken to respond. But this latency is quite problematic when the client is asking for information from a cloud that is situated in a remote location. In that case, you don’t want your application to be hosted on a cloud-based server in a remote location.

A cloud web service stores the data at low costs. Moreover, Cloud computing helps companies adjust to the high demand for computing power and meet such demand immediately.

There is also another perspective about storing data in the cloud. It’s easy to read the information from the cloud.

Since the general data protection regulation(GDPR) has been passed companies are now no longer satisfied with storing data on tape. They want that the data should be accessible only in certain countries.

Why must Cloud-based storage be used in GDPR?

When you have data stored on memory tapes, it can have GDPR problems. It’s because it can be taken anywhere. But when the data is stored in the cloud, it is accessible in a certain country only. Organizations can be sure that the data is safe for years to come.

As per the GDPR, it’s the job of the companies to safeguard data about EU citizens if they are conducting business in the EU. It’s important to check the data for the EU countries and it can’t be exported outside them. If the data has to be accessed, it should be done through a cloud-based server only.

However, the Costs of the cloud can be a problem!

There are always costs associated with the cloud. There is always a change in the costs of the archiving solution of the cloud. There can also be problems of the other kind. This happens when the cloud gets the virus and data becomes inaccessible to customers. So this is what managers of IT companies have to take care of, that the data is safe. Companies are also eager to shift to the cloud because they don’t have the skills to handle IT. This is true with small and medium-sized companies. When the companies move to the cloud, it’s beneficial for them. It’s because there is no need for long-term storage mediums like magnetic tape.

Cloud data archiving is the best way to move forward because, in the end, data can be accessible all the time.Data accessibility can longer be limited from 9 to5.

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