leadership training

What is leadership training all about?

Conflict management is a part of office politics. The kids who fought in school have grown up but the squabbling has not ended. So, how to do conflict management in offices where there are still cliques like in high school.

Leadership training is all about making the employees stay efficient at the workplace and handling their differences.

Get inputs from leaders 

Leadership training is quite important. The leaders have to move ahead with times and make sure that they can handle things well. The need for such training has also arisen because there are higher chances for career advancement. So the employees need to be guided well about how their current company is the best choice for them. The biggest problem before leaders is conflict management. So, the leaders are the best source when it comes to developing courses for them. They can let you know about topics that lead to conflicts such as individual egos etc.

Show simulations to leaders 

It’s not easy to say that the workplace conflict happens due to clients only. Conflicts between colleagues are also a common part of the workplace. While you might try to be cordial with a coworker, but it can be tough to not consent with them on something. The staff should be shown simulations, so even though they have different viewpoints, they don’t develop discord with each other. There can also be conflicts about cultural beliefs. So, the discussions about gender, race and class should be lighthearted. The simulations can highlight how minor disagreements about such topics can turn into altercations in the office.

Teach how to read body language and facial expressions 

The nonverbal signs are also important. The staff should be given lessons about the body language of their colleagues. This way they will have a complete understanding of when to stop arguing with the disagreeing co-worker. Before an agreement escalates into something major, recognizing body language and acting accordingly can calm things down. The staff can also be taught about angry customers and their body language so that they can handle things peacefully because they know what customers want.

Learn how to deal with emotions 

Most of the employees have been trained to not show their emotions. It’s because once you get hyper, it’s known as aggression and can get you into the bad books of HR. But, it’s important to connect with coworkers. When employees are emotionally engaged, they tend to devote more to their work.

The team should be taught how to deal with coworkers with respect. Disagreements are likely to happen in an office. And they lead to a better working environment because employees can share their opinions. Instead, when a disagreement happens, employees should know how to reach a stand amicably rather than bursting and shouting at each other.

Use videos to teach about leadership training 

It’s easy to recognize mistakes in other people rather than in ourselves. So when you are doing leadership training, it is better that you show leaders where they failed in handling conflicts. So, tell them according to you, what they could have done. You can show them a video where the leaders resolved things in a better way in the same situation.

Such videos will help leaders learn the right ways to resolve conflicts. You can also ask the graphic designer of your company to prepare an infographic so that leaders can summarise the proper conflict resolution tactics. 

Handling conflicts can become easier for leaders once they are shown videos. They can get such videos developed when they offer their feedback about problems in teams. Leadership training is being able to recognize body language and tackle conflicts. 

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