How can microlearning be helpful for the sales team?

There are a lot of efforts required from the sales team these days. However, they also need training and sometimes don’t have time for it. They need training on a faster basis which does not occupy much of their time but makes them do their jobs better. They might need knowledge about product training or various processes used in the company. There may have been changes in the product due to which training has become necessary. The customer salespeople may also need information about how to make sales i.e. soft skills training.

Microlearning does not require much time from the learners because it’s short in size.

It consists of bites whose duration is 5 minutes. So, lessons can be completed at this time because each bite corresponds to one lesson. The benefit is the easiness with which you can grasp the learning. The learners can go through the content as and when they have time for it.

But there are other reasons for including microlearning in your training. 

Microlearning is understandable 

Since each bite/module covers only one lesson, there is no extra content given in a lesson. The learners can easily imbibe the knowledge given in one module. Since they just have to concentrate on one lesson, they can understand the topic quite quickly.

Transfer of knowledge 

Learning transfer is one of the most important considerations of training. Although cost and comfort of training are also important when employees don’t imbibe the skills needed, then training is a waste of time. Also, it’s no use flooding the brains of learners with too many critical skills. Instead, it’s better to provide them with short lessons so that they can recall the information when it is required. Critical lessons need to be delivered in short sizes because these skills require remembrance which comes with such lessons only. 

Information can be distributed easily 

There is also the problem of sharing long training courses with employees in different locations. They may not have the time to log into the LMS and go through the course. But this is not a problem with microlearning courses where WhatsApp groups can be formed and videos can be forwarded. Everyone is bound to go through mobile-based courses once in a while. The learners can check out such courses in their spare time. 

No wastage of time 

These courses are an ideal platform to launch information about new services or products. There can be mobile training platforms where the cards can be used to train employees. Information can be included on both sides of the card or just one side. The employees can learn faster through the images on cards. In the end, for companies launching new products all the time, it’s better to have mobile training. The salesforce is not forced to schedule any time away from work to learn about new products. Through microlearning, they can also revise the information on their mobiles when required. 

There is also a lesser time required to develop elearning courses. The employees don’t have time to devote themselves away from work to attend training seminars. Also, it requires a lot of time to develop such courses. 

Not much time required for development

The training is quite important for employees who make sales because they represent companies. When you have to provide training to employees, it’s better to have mobile-based training. It’s because the workforce is not bored by it. It also is better than synchronous training because the latter can have many hassles such as arranging trainers and booking space for delivering training. 

So, microlearning is the perfect tool to offer just in time training to employees.


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