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How to ensure website security?

Website content can be stolen by someone who accesses your website. That’s why protecting a website is quite necessary especially its code so that its design can’t be copied. Apart from stealing the content of your website malicious users can also put some virus code in the website to stop it from working. So, every page of your website starts showing a 404 error code and the users can’t see the content. The website hackers can also steal user data and use it for their good.

Website security is one of the most important concerns for website owners.

There can be some actions taken by webmasters to see that their website never gets hacked.

Choose a good hosting company

It’s important to look for a good hosting company that provides excellent bandwidth. It implies the website should not crash even if there a lot of customers trying to access it at the same time. But website security is also an important concern. So, do some important research before selecting a website hosting company because it can make a lot of difference to your business. The website hosting company should have all the software of the server updated. There should also be an action plan devised in case the servers get hacked like the use of a backup server so that your website does not become inaccessible. So, although shared hosting is less costly, it does not have the same advantages like a dedicated hosting plan.

A dedicated hosting plan might be the best solution for your website because you are not sharing the server with any other website. But its cost can be too unaffordable for a small company. Shared hosting has the disadvantage that if one website hosted on the server gets a virus or an unwanted script, so does the other website.

Protection through DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

This can happen when the websites with the same domain name are attacked.

These kinds of attacks use bots to inject a domain with fake traffic. So, this means, the whole domain shuts down and the websites hosted on it can’t be accessed at all. Fortunately, there is software now to prevent these kinds of attacks like Cloudflare. This software knows when there is genuine traffic or traffic generated by bots. So, they prevent bots from accessing your website. Make sure that while you are choosing web hosting it includes DDoS hosting as a part of its services.

Make sure you have SSL authentication.

A secure sockets layer(SSL) certificate is also quite mandatory for your website. This makes sure that a website has Secure Socket Layer Encryption which implies that the data traversing from the host of the website is safe.

Without this kind of certificate, your website can get malicious scripts that can be transferred to the browser because your server has been intercepted from an IP code. There can also be forms shown to the users of the website asking for their confidential information. With the users entering their personal information into such websites they can lose valuable resources. You don’t want to endanger your users hence taking an SSL certificate is quite important.

So, by following these three simple steps, you can ensure a commendable amount of website security.




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