How can a headless LMS benefit your company?

These days, elearning has become such an important tool to make learners learn.

But gone are the days when the content was uploaded on LMS USA. Now, it’s the turn of the headless LMS.

A headless LMS is something where the content can be uploaded anywhere and not just only a website.

A headless LMS can make sure content is provided on different devices like cellphones through a Content Delivery Application programming interface which is connected to the content database. There is no need for a website to upload the content. A headless LMS makes sure that the design of the user interface of a website is segregated from the back-end. So, when it’s time to make changes in the elearning content on the LMS, both these teams can work without each other. The backend team just needs to alter the content without relying on the front end team. This kind of situation was faced when the Covid19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. There was a fast need for change in content because rules for changing quickly. New rules came up regularly to maintain patient safety. So, there needed to be a way to provide information to health care workers without a website. This was possible through headless LMS where content could be uploaded on Android, and iOS apps without supporting websites.

The main advantage of a headless LMS is that content can be shown on various devices. This presents a great opportunity for companies that don’t have website developers to hire. And they know for sure that nobody is going to access a website portal in times of Covid-19. Anyways, for someone to be sent personalized content through a website, they have to be made to subscribe to the website with their email id.

Provides competitive edge to businesses

So, the ability to send information on any device helps businesses in becoming more competitive than others. They have an edge over other businesses because of their ability to distribute information through apps without needing a website.

For example, the fitness industry which has lost customers can benefit so much from a headless LMS. The gym members are now working from home, so you can only connect with them through WhatsApp which is cumbersome. These gym members need instructions about their workouts based on their health. So, the Internet of Things devices used by gym members who get connected to the content repository of the headless LMS used by a gym can get timely advice including fitness plans on how to train. These kinds of IoT devices consist of fitness trackers and can be sent customized fitness plans through a headless LMS.

In the case of a conventional LMS, it only accesses a single server, but the headless LMS can access many servers and provide content.

Adobe Captivate Prime as a headless LMS can be used to send content to different devices.

This is how a headless LMS can impact your business.


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