How to have adequate HR training programs in these times?

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How to have adequate HR training programs in these times?

HR training process has changed rapidly in the last 2 years due to emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They need to be trained about how to retain employees from those who have been hired. So, you might be keen on hiring, but you need to be cautious. It’s because the pandemic has led to a shortage of cash in many companies, so they can’t hire many resources at once.

You can always hire more when you have more resources with you. The HR should instead concentrate on the best performers in the company and make sure that they don’t resign under any circumstances.

These are the following mistakes committed by companies while launching their HR training programs:

The HR training programs need to make sure that they cover all the loopholes in training. It’s easier to simplify recruitment training programs because the accounting department can’t handle so much training. Its important that you focus on the core competencies for the HR which are needed by the company at the moment. So, this is how the elearning vendor can focus on the individual HR training topics.

Having too tight a deadline

There can also be overexpenditure on the HR training program and you should be prepared for it. It’s better that you set a relaxed deadline so that you can commit more resources if required. With the right kind of deadline, you might be able expend additional resources. When you have limited time for development of HR training programs, you might not be left with some extra time for changes in the content of such programs. You can have problems with such a deadline if the trainers take time to grasp the new training software.

To outsource or not to outsource

There can also be problems when the HR training is not outsourced. Although companies might take such a decision to save money, it can cause problems. Its better to count the advantages and disadvantages of using internal or external resources before you decide on any option. You have to take into account the advantages of any such alternative on your employee’s productivity and your profits.

Apart from getting new courses prepared, you can also get already available courses. Such prebuilt courses can be tailormade with the help of other vendors known as white labellling. There are resources like multimedia specialists with vendors who can help amend such courses. The time taken for modifying courses is much less rather than building a completely different course.

Offer short modules

Although HR training courses are an important part of your company’s growth strategy especially when the times are so hard, you should know how employees train. HR’s don’t have much time with themselves for going through long modules and grasping information. So, its better to give them short modules such as in microlearning which they can access at convenient times. Such modules can be about topics like how they should evaluate applicants for a job for remote work.

Include employees in development

HR employees should be included in the training process. This implies they should be asked for their inputs in the development process of such training programs. You can only prepare the best of HR training programs in this way. You should also ask for their knowledge transfer, so that they feel encouraged to sign up for the course knowing they have contributed to it.

So, by following such tips, the companies can develop efficient HR training programs.

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