What are the benefits of self registration for learners on an LMS website?

LMS is the main component of elearning these days because the users can see such content through it only.

But, how should companies invest in an LMS, which is critical for the success of their training programs? However, there is also the question of registering users for this LMS, because they are going to use it finally.

They can be given the privilege of self-registration which also saves time for LMS administrators. This implies that the users can themselves create their accounts on the LMS. But, you can’t force them to sign on the LMS platforms.

The users can’t get access to all the courses even when they have access to the LMS. Either the LMS administrator can activate their enrollment or send them a self-enrolment email. In the latter process, an email with a link is sent through the LMS which contains an enrolment key and the users can be given restricted access to the system. They can only see the course when they have entered the key on the LMS and clicked the Enrollment button.

When you are giving self-registration to the workers, they are given the LMS website link and they can set usernames and passwords themselves, but that does not mean they can browse through a course. They can only do so when they get the self-enrollment email or the LMS admin enrolls them for the course.

So, when there is self-registration, the corporate learners have the freedom whether they want to enlist themselves on the website or not. They shouldn’t self-register on the website when they don’t have time for the classes. So, in the case of self-registration, they choose to be added or not in the LMS depending on their interest in its courses and their availability for it. It is better to send messages to managers about self-registration so that they know its benefits. It’s because when they register on the LMS, they can get training and do their jobs better.

Self-registration means doing it whenever you need it.

The best benefit of self-registration is that the learners can register themselves when they wish to. So, whenever such learners have the time to learn a course, they can self-register.

Take the training when you find you have flaws

The corporate learners self-register for a course when they have identified a skill gap. They can know about such skill gaps through discussions with their managers. They can also have ample freedom to decide whether they want to train or not and they discover so during their job.

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The learners can also learn at their own pace. They can start learning when they receive an email about the training course and click its call-to-action button. They can be redirected to the LMS website and register.

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