How to build a brand name in elearning?

Elearning has established itself all over the world. But, what can you do to ensure that it gets the best of results when you are a course creator. There is also a need to establish a name for yourself so that the interested learners start trusting you.

Get a website and become a brand

The website is the most important tool for establishing legitimacy. The visitors get to know that they can contact you if unable to understand anything in the course. On this website, you can have a separate page for your course which includes its description and why it is different from others.

You can even include a small video advertising your elearning course.

After visitors have watched the course, you can make sure that they fill the form with their details included on the website form, so that you can send them a link inviting them to buy the course. Make sure that you can create a proper website. Look at the website keywords used by the competitors.

Although creating a website as a course creator may sound like a lot of work for you, you can hire a freelance website designer paying him when you need changes. Make sure your website has a readable font and is attractive.

You can also get shots of your team for uploading on the website so that the visitors feel a lot of people have contributed to the course.

Create a blog

Also, you can start writing a blog about your own elearning experiences. This will make people believe in you. The blog can also contain content about the subject matter of your course. This will make sure learners start trusting you as a credible source for the subject. The blog can also be used for SEO when you use keywords.

Newbies who do not know the subject can also enhance their knowledge with it. But you need to write content on it regularly to maintain readership. But when you explore new topics and write on them you also build your knowledge about elearning and the subject in question.

Include an “About Us” Page

A resume goes a long way in establishing your brand. There should be an “About Us” page on the website. This would make sure that the learners know how qualified you are as an instructor, for example, whether you have studied the subject at a foreign university. You can even share your elearning experience. If you are a starter, your company can share the work experience of all the employees and their qualifications along with pictures. You can even share the feedback of clients.

Use social media

Facebook and LinkedIn are social sites that you should be active on. You can create a Facebook ad about your elearning course and include a Download now button below it which takes users to the registration page. Linkedin is one of the most useful tools because you write articles about your subject and attract people from the industry. You don’t need to be present on every social networking site, but make sure that you post on some sites.


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