LMS system

Why does a company need to hire an LMS system administrator?

Companies are implementing LMS platforms on a large scale now. It’s the best way to get the most amazing results from your training systems. But there can be problems in the implementation of an LMS system. These problems can be wrong access give to the wrong users. Another problem is that you are not able to get the correct analytics data from the LMS. So when the right analytics is not present, you don’t know who is accessing the LMS or not, so you don’t know whether you are reaching the correct target audience. They could be facing problems with the LMS content also, which can be uncovered by LMS system analytics.

LMS administration: Is it that easy?

The LMS is not so easy to manage.

You need regular maintenance to make sure that the LMS system produces desirable results.

You have the requirement of updating content, which isn’t possible without an LMS administrator. The learning and development team can’t do such tasks due to a lack of time. But, the task before training managers is to convince those who are in charge i.e. the top management about getting a regular LMS administrator.

Without the right kind of LMS administrator, you can face many problems listed below:

  • No access created for users

You can’t know what problems are the learners are facing with the LMS due to a lack of analytics. The course creators might not be able to make changes in time to the content.

There is also a need to send regular emails to employees to inform them about any new course. Proper access privileges have to be created for such users. All this is the job of an LMS administrator.

  • Obsolete training content

LMS administrators also have contact with subject-matter expert to change the content when learners have any issues. The L&D teams don’t have time to update the content. They also might not have much technical knowledge.

  • Lack of changes

An LMS needs to be changed when there is a change in the brand’s logo. So, it’s the job of an LMS administrator to change the LMS design and colors. He can change the page colors depending on change in the company’s brand aesthetics.

Problems when an LMS administrator is not hired

If a company does not hire an LMS system administrator, it can face problems in terms of overloading the L&D team. They can face problems in doing their jobs like developing content for e-learning. They can also look forward to switching their jobs, which can prove to be hazardous for the company.

Technical problems

There can be problems such as the LMS not working as it should. For example, there could be something wrong with the automated email system. An LMS platforms administrator only knows how to handle such tasks because he has been trained. The IT department of your company might not have a clue and can waste days trying to resolve a simple problem.

Training problems

When the LMS gets implemented in the company, employees have so many queries about how it’s to be accessed. These queries can only be solved by an LMS system administrator. If employees face problems while using the system, then they can only be guided by him/her.

Make sure that whenever the management is given the idea of implementing a new LMS system, the cost of an LMS administrator is included in the budget.

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