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How to make sure employees signup for online learning?

The trend of online learning has been popular for a long time. It started when employees started watching tutorials about how to use new software. Even Youtube can be given credit for making online learning popular. But many employees don’t want to enhance their skills through an e-learning platform. Even though when they are awarded certifications to complete a course, they are reluctant to sign onto the LMS portal.

Bad experience with virtual training in the past

It’s because there are many reasons such employees are scared of the e-learning module.

Such hesitation arises because the last time, the online training was imparted to such employees it turned out to be boring and a complete waste of time.

The trainer at that time didn’t even take notice of how his audience was feeling about the training. You can also hold a workshop with employees to know why they are reluctant to sign up for a course. This can give you ideas about what can go wrong with such training.

Some employees are also conscious about how they spend their time. They want to know the value of the online course before they pursue it. That’s why it’s important to do online marketing for an upcoming elearning course to convince such employees. You can distribute pamphlets and auto-mailers convincing such employees that the course consists of games based on virtual reality.

  • Fear of technology

Employees are also not too keen to sign up for an online learning course because they are scared of technology. This problem can be rectified by providing them with catalogs about what they can learn in the course, how to sign up on the LMS portal etc. They can also be given video links on how to access the platform. You can also make sure that employees are taught by their colleagues how to signup on an LMS.

  • Emotional issues

Employees also have problems when it comes to learning because it cuts down on the time spent with family. Sometimes, learners are facing some personal issues. They don’t want to grow up in their careers because of depression. They can be made a part of support groups where they can discuss why they are so upset. They can also be made to attend live training groups where they can experience elearning first-hand.

  • Fear of studying with others

It’s not always easy to accept your shortcomings and signup for an online course. Also, so many coworkers will be attending such a course and you might be afraid to ask questions in front of them. It’s important to let such employees know that everyone has weaknesses and it’s not apt to be afraid of them, instead, it’s better to overcome them.

By following these steps, you can make employees sign up for an online learning course.


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