cultural transformation

Why cultural transformation is required in a company?

These days, every organisation wants to make the employees adapt to its culture. But this is not so easy because the employees have worked in different setups and it takes time for them to adapt to something different. When an organization has a culture change, it is known as cultural transformation.

The employees must be told about the change and completely involved in the process. Apart from employees, other stakeholders of the business like customers and suppliers must be informed of the change too. It is important to convince employees why the change is required because then they can put their minds and soul into implementing it. Leaders are the ones who can motivate employees to change. They can only make sure that the desired behavioural changes happen from top to bottom in the company. Cultural transformation can only happen when leaders/managers make sure that the desired behavioural change is achieved by approving of it. Such behaviour change was deemed necessary for a long time because it is important for success or even the mere existence of the organization.

How to assess how much cultural transformation is needed?

The company can only progress in the direction of cultural transformation once it has the roadmap ready for such a change.

So, how can such a roadmap be prepared? It can only be done once the organization knows where it is exactly now. There are many reasons why cultural transformation is needed in a company. The foremost reason is to provide better customer service. Then other reasons are increasing safety and involving employees.

The company can get some assessments done and find out what is lacking in employees behaviour. This includes surveying the company. It is also important to measure are the customers happy with the company which can be measured through their comments. These comments can be included as a part of the survey form which is included in all emails sent to them.

Apart from that, interviews should be conducted with employees. These interviews are crucial to know whether there is a proper work-life balance in the company or not. All this data needs to be collected to know how the leaders perceive the organizational culture and what is it in reality. To get the best possible response from employees, it is better to spell out the need for change to them. This can be finding a solution to a problem, making the best of an opportunity and provide goods in markets. Sometimes, the reason for introducing such change is to make sure that the most profitable talent does not leave the company.

The conclusion

The company should have some important components which can decide whether it can have proper cultural transformation. This includes understanding the vision of the company. When the vision of a company is made clear to employees, they can make sure you implement it. But a vision talks about the purpose of a company, therefore the values make sure that there are guidelines that can help in attaining the vision. Practices are also important for attaining cultural transformation. Lastly, people are the biggest assets of a company. When people don’t believe in a company’s values, they can’t help it in implementing change. So, a company should know how to enable cultural transformation.

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