How can elearning reduce employee burnout?

Is elearning a viable resource to reduce burnout?

Yes, when an elearning LMS is integrated with discussion forums, an employee can resolve his queries and not feel stressed due to work. Employee burnouts have become very common in offices these days.

Employees might be trying to work hard but sometimes, the monotony of work starts taking a load on them. An employer should make sure that employees don’t face such a situation by giving them an interesting work routine and ensuring that their productivity does not go down. Now, what exactly causes employee burnout? Is it just the boredom associated with the job or the stress of performance?

Lack of resources: Employees can be stressed out because they don’t have the resources required for work. This situation was common during the pandemic when employees were restricted to their houses and communication was limited.

No clarity about job duties: Sometimes employees are not sure about what is expected from them. They have to perform multiple job duties despite a clear job description. This also causes stress and an employee does not feel happy at the workplace. This kind of burnout happens when a new supervisor joins the office and burdens an employee with work. New employees often face such burnout because they don’t know what their manager expects from them.

No work-life balance: Sometimes employees are so overburdened with work that they don’t have any time left for the family. There might not be any time left for physical activity which causes boredom. Such kind of situation is common in the medical industry where doctors don’t have any time to devote to their families. They also reach home late at night.

Job burnout causes a change of behavior in an employee. He might get irritated while dealing with other employees. He can also have trouble sleeping at night and hence feel exhausted during work hours. It can also cause substance abuse.

So, undeniably a company needs to take action when employee burnout starts affecting someone’s personal and professional lives.

The company can reduce such burnout by ensuring that the employees don’t work on vacations. If an employee is working on a holiday, he is likely to feel stressed.

So, make sure every employee in the company is given a break from work on holidays.

Also, employees should be appreciated for what they do, so that they don’t suffer from any kind of job insecurity which is a major cause of burnout.


If an employee feels that unreasonable deadlines have been set for him, he can talk to the HR manager about them.

It is the job of a manager to see that employees don’t have burnout.

Share mental health resources: Elearning is a useful tool in this regard because it provides employees with content aimed to reduce their stress. They can also learn new techniques of managing their time which will help in achieving more in a lesser time.

Conduct skill-based training: A competency check is also useful for employees who are facing trouble at work. If such employees need some skill-based elearning, it should be scheduled for them. It’s because they have to work overtime to complete their work. After all, they are not the best person for it.

As an alternative to elearning, you can also change their job duties and assign their responsibilities to someone else.

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