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Why should you look for an external content creation partner?

There has been a huge change in the learning mechanism of organizations. Due to the pandemic, employees are working from their homes. Now, not all employees need to be working from their homes because some are working from offices also.

Therefore, eLearning content has become the focus of companies because it can take care of the learning needs of a hybrid workforce.

The following problems are faced by companies that don’t outsource eLearning content development:

  1. Limited resources: Their eLearning content development team does not have many resources. They don’t have many specialists for creating multimedia content and storyboarding which can affect the outcome.

  3. Restricted creativity: The project managers can also cause problems for eLearning content creation. They are also not ready to hire anyone new because they don’t want any new skills on board.

  5. Less audience: The eLearning content creation done by an in-house team may not be sufficient to meet the demand for employee development. Hence due to reduced employee development, there may not be expected customer satisfaction.

    On the other hand, companies that outsource eLearning content creation can deal with the knowledge gap of all kinds of stakeholders.


  7. Limited duration hiring: First of all, a good L&D partner knows how to hire specialized skills for your work. You can take the help of this partner in getting skilled labor for short-term projects. There is no need to hire them for the long term. Another advantage is that hiring can cost you money and time. This is not the case with outsourcing eLearning content development because they can hire the best talent in the least possible time.

  9. Specialized employees: The script for an eLearning module might be developed by the content writer of the company. However, the video development work can be done by a video editor with an eLearning background. This also reduces the need for upgrading internal employees.

  11. Better quality: When you hire an eLearning company, you reap benefits because they can show you a portfolio of work. This also means you can expect quality when outsourcing work to them. They also meet quality standards and you can leave the project in between if their work is not up to the mark.

  13. Less time: The time taken by the eLearning content firm employees is also less because then they have to take time for new projects. However, this is might not be the case for internal employees who don’t face such pressure and hence might take more time to complete the project.

  15. Lesser payouts: The companies also spend less because they have to pay for the final product. However, this is not the case when the product is developed internally because then you have to pay employees for attending meetings related to eLearning content development also.

That’s why companies should outsource eLearning content development.

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