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How post-Covid compliance training is important in the UK hospitality sector?

Compliance training is important in the hospitality industry because employees have to be compulsorily trained.

But some businesses find it expensive, despite knowing that the penalties for not imparting such training can be high.

Classroom training can’t be used for delivering such training because otherwise if all the employees can’t attend such sessions, it can cost the company exorbitantly to arrange another session for them. The company has to rebook the space which might not be easily available.

But with automated hospitality compliance training, things become quite easy because you can assign courses to employees. Their progress in completing such courses can be recorded and they can be issued certificates when they score well in assessments. If you feel that an employee’s certification has expired and he needs to be trained again, that again be arranged too.

Importance of the hospitality sector in the UK

The hospitality sector in the UK is hugely contributing to the incomes of a lot of people, which is approximately 3 million UK residents. It also contributes to the tourism sector of this country when the foreign tourists stay, here. The British Hospitality Association is responsible for handling the 1,80,000 businesses which are a part of this industry.

Covid-19 rules for restaurants

In July 2020 there was a set of rules advocated for those hospitality businesses which were set to open from July 4th. There was a restriction on the number of people gathered inside the restaurant which could not be more than 30. There was also a prohibition on the issuance of licenses by local authorities for large events in hotels, which had a possibility of large people convening them. These rules were a part of the guidance for England and Wales issued by Her Majesty’s government.

It is important to make sure that all the customers who want to make dining reservations at the hotel are informed about the social distancing arrangements beforehand either via the website, or phone which necessitated compliance training. 

Compliance training required post-pandemic

When customers are placed at a venue, there should be a proper distance between them. Those waiting outside the venue must have proper space between them. Every means should be used to avoid congestion like customers not overcrowding outside the restrooms. There should not be congestion at the counter with customers waiting to make payments. The payment machines could be brought to customer tables to avoid any congestion at the counter. Signage and visual aids can also be used to inform customers about social distancing inside a restaurant.

UK Government rules for international passengers

The UK government has also prescribed some rules for international tourists coming from countries such as India, which are considered to be danger zones. Earlier, India was in the red zone countries and its passengers traveling to the UK, although fully vaccinated were subjected to compulsory 10-day quarantine in the UK hotels before being allowed free movement in this country. But this rule does not apply to Indian travelers anymore as India has been moved from the red to amber zone countries. The same has happened for other countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE. These changes came into effect on 8th August at 4 am.

But since these countries, including India, are in the amber zone now, they have to appear for a Covid-19 test, 3 days before leaving the country. After they arrive in the UK, there is a compulsory quarantine for them at their UK home or any other place of residence for 10 days. They again have to appear for Covid-19 tests on days 2nd and 8th of this 10 days home quarantine period. So, through e-learning, the hotel staff must be made aware of all these compliance training issues before allowing tourists a stay in UK hotels. For those Indian residents who are less than 18 years of age and have been CoviShield vaccinated, the need for home quarantine doesn’t apply. Also, they need to take only one Covid-19 test on day 2 of their arrival in the UK. The UK hotels must know that travelers from the red zone countries who must have compulsory hotel quarantine have to pay more in terms of tariffs at 2,285 pounds. This has been done to discourage travelers from these countries.

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