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Why personal attention by an e-learning course creator is pertinent?

Online learning has become an impeccable way of training employees. With so many constraints on classroom training, this kind of teaching method has assumed popularity.

Odd Time for discussions like early morning or late nights

The e-learning course creators accommodate learners everywhere, who study at odd hours.

Some have family obligations, and they have to take care of their children and parents and take time out for studies in the morning. That’s the problem with e-learning, since learners go through the content at their speed, sometimes group discussions are prolonged because they happen when a learner is free. And as such, different learners want discussions at different times, proving exhausting for the eLearning course creator.

But, the e-learning course creator can ensure that he can attend to various learners by grouping them as per their time schedules. However, such groups tend to be small, but it still saves an e-learning course creator some time as compared to individual discussion sessions. E-learning course creators have to coordinate with students about their spare time to attend such sessions.

When a learner sees failure

Modern technology has come to the aid of the eLearning course creators, who can use it to support learners from time to time. For example, a learner might lose heart if he has failed an exam about a certain chapter. It’s must be an e-learning course creator’s initiative to create review materials beforehand for every chapter and send notifications to learners when the former learns about his student’s failure.

Failure is the stepping stone to success and it’s your job to ensure learners learn to cope up with disappointments

When a learner does not understand the course

If a learner has lost interest in the course because he is busy with work, then you need to remind him of the reason why he joined the course. An email can make him understand the goals of the course and why he needs to attain them. He may not be able to comprehend the material, so you could send him a link to a discussion forum and his peers can resolve his doubt. He can also schedule a virtual meeting with you to clarify his problems. He thus must get support to continue with his e-learning.

Learners need personal attention

The learners also need due consideration from the e-learning course creator when they have put so much effort into writing an essay. They need to understand what the weaknesses of their work are, and hence need your valuable guidance. Although such personal review sessions are paid, they are a reason why learners sign up for courses.

Why such personal attention is necessary?

It’s hard to get learners when the competition is so stiff. So, it’s better to ensure that you retain them no matter what, and they are issued certifications. The learners do need individual attention which isn’t possible in online learning. Hence, you have to develop tactics so that they don’t drop out of your course. When a learner feels dissatisfied with his e-learning course creator, his barbs will contain some negative word-of-the-mouth publicity. In the worst-case scenario, he can even ask you to return his Signup amount.

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