When can a company trust LMS reviews?

Companies in every part of the world are trying to get the best LMS for their employees so that they are regularly updated about the company policies and new technologies. But sometimes businesses can be duped in the process of buying an LMS if one of the e-learning companies USA has posted fake reviews about its product.

The businesses, therefore, need to get into the detail of LMS user reviews before buying it because it’s a significant investment.

Businesses should not go after an LMS if it has all but one positive review. That single positive review is a red flag that the company has posted itself to beguile users about its product.

User details mentioned in reviews

If the user reviews about the LMS are genuine, then they won’t be scared of sharing their details. Through such credentials, anyone can get in touch with them.

Hence, authentic reviews are always in-depth, which include the company and purpose for which the LMS was used. Moreover, sometimes, when the users want to post their reviews about a certain LMS, they have to log into the reviewing account through LinkedIn, and hence the readers can check whether it’s someone associated with the company posting the review.

Industry based reviews

There are so many review sites these days, but the businesses must look out for those sites which just deal with LMS reviews. It’s because those sites are most credible and contain the opinions of businesses from your industry about a certain LMS. They also have articles that guide a business about how to buy an LMS. For example, how many factors are critical for a business in an LMS?

Are product features included in such reviews?

Another thing that should be checked in user reviews by companies is how much detail about the product is mentioned. If a user has employed the LMS in the company, he knows some features in detail. So, knowledge of such details is proof that the reviews are authentic. At the very minimum, the users have signed up for the free trial of the product and that’s why are aware of its desirable and undesirable features.

How can choosing the wrong LMS cause problems?

When an LMS is not correctly selected by a company, it can lead to learning issues. An LMS should have a practical setup that includes text-based chapters, including images and videos also. Then there can be text animation to engage the user. It must also have ample scope for gamification so that the users are stimulated with games. Any kind of boring game which don’t involve competition among team members is also lackluster for employees. Hence, the game formats of an LMS must include leaderboards to inspire employee performance.

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