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How has compliance training for the aviation industry changed after the pandemic? 

The aviation industry has suffered some landmark changes after the Covid-19 pandemic emerged. Therefore, this industry had to impose mandatory compliance training for the flight operators in different countries regarding their aircrew.

Compliance training for ground staff handling aircrew

One of such changes was introduced by the Indian aviation industry for the aircraft personnel, as per which the pilots had to get the DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation) medical assessment before boarding a flight. This rule applied to those who had suffered from the Covid-19 virus and had mild symptoms. After displaying a negative RT-PCR report, they still have to be evaluated by the DGCA Medical Examiner and can only resume flying after the issuance of the DGCA Medical Assessment. But before getting such a medical assessment, the pilots need to be put under isolation management.

Compliance training for ground staff handling international passengers from India

Since the international flights have also started from India in September 2021 when Air India started its international flights to Canada, the flight operators had to provide ground staff with compliance training due to travel restrictions of this country.

For example, Canada has imposed strict rules for passengers coming from India. According to such it, the passengers have to get Covid-19 testing during 18 hours before their outgoing flight to Canada. This test is only acceptable if done by the Genestrings Laboratory located at the Delhi airport. The passengers who don’t have a positive Covid-19 test report at check-in will be denied entry to the flight. So, again, the ground staff deployed at the check-in points will have to be trained for checking this report.
The ground staff also has to be made digitally proficient in fetching the details of the passengers who have booked this test online. It’s because the slots for this test are booked online through the Delhi airport website.

Compliance training for ground staff handling international passengers to India

Similarly, for international passengers coming to India, some rules are mandatory. Either they have to upload a travel negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report done 72 hours before boarding the flight or be willing to undertake a test after they arrive at the Delhi airport.

So, again compliance training is required for the ground staff of flight operators to check these certificates because the copies of the negative RTPCR reports of international passengers are uploaded online. Apart from checking this report, boarding is only allowed to such passengers after the thermal screening. But the cabin crew also has some in-flight responsibilities, which include secluding a passenger who is exhibiting signs of Covid-19.

Again, thermal screening is mandatory for all passengers after the deboarding of the flight, an additional responsibility of the ground staff. But if any passengers fail thermal screening, they will be tested for the virus, and hence their family members informed if they test positive.


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