Is investing in a white label LMS worth it?

A white label LMS has become a necessity for companies because it allows you to do more than add content.

You want the LMS to represent you, which is crucial if you want it to strengthen your brand image. So a white label LMS allows you to do many things as follows:

  • Customizing the LMS’s home page-As an LMS software administrator, you know that the customization of your main page matters, like adding your logo in the banner, etc. There can also be the addition of other features such as the headline apart from adding the company’s website in the Call-To-Action button.
    The admins can also add pages to the LMS menu like an About Us page to add some introduction about the company.

  • Customizing the home pages of the learners-Similarly, the LMS admins can also add customized pages for the learners after they log in to their accounts. These pages can be set up so that they can include any announcements made about the course on the top of the home page. You can use drag and drop widgets to create a home page, such as chapter names

    Hence, a white label LMS software is worthy of your investment because you can customize it, unlike any other LMS. A large team of developers is needed to change an LMS software, which is not so with a white-label LMS. Apart from the manpower, it’s also the time needed to build an LMS from scratch. With a white-label LMS, apart from the time saved in developing such software, there is a perfect assurance about the quality because the vendor has beta-tested it.


  • Changing navigation– The most recommendable part about a white label LMS is that its navigation can be changed. It can ensure that users don’t get lost once they log into their home pages because all the links can be included there.
    Having perfect email and certification templatesMany other features can be customized in a white label LMS, such as the email templates. Every LMS has a facility that can send email notifications to the learners when a new course has been launched. With a white label LMS, apart from drafting this email, you can also add the company’s logo and remove the LMS vendor’s logo.

    The certificates issued to learners can also be changed in the same manner, wherein you can add a new design created in Photoshop to the LMS. A private label LMS software does not have such facilities because you can’t upload or create a new template. You have to use the pre-existing templates. Creating a new certificate template with a white label LMS is straightforward, with extra tags and colors available. For example, if needed, you can add the date of enrollment tag to a certificate, and every time it’s generated for a user, the tag will be auto-populated.

Hence, having white-label LMS software is quite convenient for a business.

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