Creativ Technologies



Creativ Technologies is an e-Learning service provider based in Gurgaon, India with its headquarter in North Virginia. It was formed in July 9, 2012.

We develop innovative eLearning solutions tailored for a learner’s specific needs. We expertise in custom e-learning solutions, enterprise learning, blended learning solutions, learning management system and learning content management system, etc.

We aim at addressing all short-term and long-term learning needs of the client and take pride in delivering rapid and cost-effective e-learning solutions. Our innovative e-learning solutions have created a positive impact on the way organizations learn and grow.

Creativ Technologies has seen tremendous growth over the last three years and has emerged as an e-learning solution provider, developing eLearning solutions for some of the leading companies.

Our Vision and Mission


To be a global leader as an e-learning service provider.


To endeavor innovative, effective products and services globally and to nurture a learning environment that transforms individuals into leaders who deliver excellence consistently

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