28 Feb 2024
sales training

What should sales training include?

The customer has changed a lot in today’s times. They do come to the store but order online. They only enter the store once the store attendant has something special. All the following must be included in sales training: Understanding Changing Customer Behavior: They need advice from the attendant on which product they should buy […]

21 Feb 2024
Generative AI

How can generative AI lead to better e-learning?

AI will play a tremendous role in the development of businesses. It’s because computers have taken such an important place in our lives that we have become dependent on them for everything. Generative AI is the new buzzword in technology these days. It will enhance the users’ capability to create new content, whether it’s related […]

29 Jan 2024
sales training needs sales planning

Why should sales planning be a part of sales training?

Sales training is critical for every company. But why should any planning be a part of it?  Sales training is not an easy task given the hordes of companies in the market. In sales planning, a strategic vision is first created. This vision involves doing sales like moves of chess. So, it means doing better […]

19 Jan 2024
leadership training

How do VR simulations help in leadership training?

The simulations help learners understand things in a better way. The business-based simulations help learners develop better skills to contribute more to work. Simulations help change the behavior of employees, which is not possible with theoretical-based learning. They take control of the mind and alter the habits because employees are transported to a different world. […]

11 Jan 2024

How should onboarding be done in industries?

Onboarding is very strategic for every organization so that employees get all the details about how to do their work. It is essential for the manufacturing sector, which is prone to accidents. These are the reasons why onboarding is relevant in manufacturing industries: Why is such onboarding necessary? OSHA has also imposed some strict rules […]

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