19 Apr 2023
maximize retention after an elearning course

5 ways to ensure knowledge retention after an eLearning course

There has been an upsurge in the companies learning needs. But it’s not enough to offer e-learning courses. Companies must also know how to make employees retain them. Whatever has been learnt in an elearning course must be imbibed by the learners. For this, they must be sent tasks which involve repetition. For example, multimedia […]

12 Apr 2023
CSR training

What are the benefits of a CSR training program?

These days, businesses are adopting faster processes for the sake of the customer. This is also because the market size is decreasing, and the companies must give their best. This is how AI is getting used to improve customer support: Companies have started using AI to simplify their marketing processes. For example, whenever someone gets […]

10 Apr 2023
cybersecurity training for mobile phones

Ways to protect mobile phones with cyber security training 

Smartphones are the most powerful devices of our time. But, indeed, they can also be misused by hackers. They store the most sensitive data about a person and once anyone unscrupulous gets access to them, he can wreak havoc. Therefore, companies must know how to make the employees make their mobile phones secure.  Such risks […]

04 Apr 2023
elearning content development

Why is eLearning content development important to boost EVP? 

In the future, businesses will place more importance on training. It’s because the companies have understood its importance. Hence elearning companies can’t take so much time to develop such solutions. Companies are inventing new ways of doing things in a better way because of the recession. They are cutting down on labor costs because of […]

22 Mar 2023
leadership training skills

5 essential skills of leadership training 

Companies need leaders to provide the proper motivation to employees. But it can be tough when they want to promote someone from within to this position. Managers can have the wrong notion that someone with high intelligence can be a good leader. The managers might have wrong ideas about the calibre of a leader. When […]


He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.