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STEM based authoring tools
What features should STEM-based authoring tools contain?

The education landscape has changed today. The students want to learn through the modern means. There are new opportunities set forth by digital means. STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are better understood with digital tools. Students can have problems understanding mathematics. But when eLearning is used to teach them these subjects, their […]

March 22, 2024 0 comment
Online learning
How is online learning affecting education?

Modern classrooms have changed so much. From chalk-and-blackboard classrooms, we are now living in an age where digital classrooms (online learning) have taken over the world. Now, the students listen to their teachers talking through a Zoom screen. The world has changed a lot significantly due to the pandemic, which has brought so much modification […]

March 15, 2024 0 comment
learning analytics
How learning analytics must be collected and analyzed? 

E-learning data analysis can have several problems. The creator has to see that these mistakes are avoided. Learning analytics is the process of collecting data about the learners so that changes can be made to the learning process. This helps in a better learning process for the organization. When learning analytics are collected, the performance […]

March 7, 2024 0 comment
sales training
What should sales training include?

The customer has changed a lot in today’s times. They do come to the store but order online. They only enter the store once the store attendant has something special. All the following must be included in sales training: Understanding Changing Customer Behavior: They need advice from the attendant on which product they should buy […]

February 28, 2024 0 comment
Generative AI
How can generative AI lead to better e-learning?

AI will play a tremendous role in the development of businesses. It’s because computers have taken such an important place in our lives that we have become dependent on them for everything. Generative AI is the new buzzword in technology these days. It will enhance the users’ capability to create new content, whether it’s related […]

February 21, 2024 0 comment
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