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09 May 2024

How can manager training affect teamwork?

Over the last few years, there have been drastic changes in the workplace. The workers now demand that they must work from home. Although they are working in a hybrid mode, the managers have yet to become able to handle distributed teams.  This big problem for most companies is how to manage such teams. Managers […]

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02 May 2024

What soft skills are needed in any industry now? 

The world is changing very fast, and now it’s important to make employees learn soft skills as well. They are necessary for career growth. The companies today are dealing with a lot of issues. People are not willing to change jobs even at higher pay scales due to the instability seen during COVID-19. So, companies have to […]

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29 Apr 2024

Why is employee training necessary to prevent resignation? 

Employee training is a huge necessity now. It’s because the companies can’t afford to lose employees. This has become a major problem since the Great Resignation. This phenomenon is not over yet. There is evidence of the Great Resignation when, in 2022, lots of people left their jobs. This number was even more than in 2021, when only […]

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12 Apr 2024

How is extended enterprise training useful?

Training is an important component of every company’s operations today. They train employees to get the maximum benefit from themselves. Learning and development are very crucial for companies today because they increase the skills of employees. When a company decides to train every one associated with the company, be it external or internal, it is […]

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08 Apr 2024

How can upskilling be done through competency modeling?

Companies today are working hard to ensure that they can meet their productivity goals. Therefore, they are training the workers based on competency models. Those are the models that help a company determine the competencies needed for a person to be successful in his/her job. These models help a company in setting parameters for upskilling. […]

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