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23 Nov 2023

What are the best ways to design software training?

The eLearning has made its mark in the world today. However, knowledge retention should be the main aim of eLearning because if that does not happen, there is no use. Why does knowledge retention not happen in eLearning? What is wrong software training? Miller has specified how much knowledge can be there in a person’s […]

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14 Nov 2023

Why is gamification important in sales training? 

The retail industry has been the major force in the economy for a long time now. There are however many challenges in sales. Therefore, companies must make sure that the end customers are able to buy their products. No business can survive without e-commerce now because customers don’t have time to travel and visit the […]

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02 Nov 2023

Why is safety training important? 

Multilingual workers are present in every industry now. It’s because companies hire workers locally to save costs. The company should make efforts that employees can learn in their local language. When employees are not taught in their local language, there can be problems. The employees can easily follow safety-based instructions when they have been imparted […]

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11 Oct 2023

How can L&D help a company in ESG reporting? 

Businesses are facing a dynamic environment today, whether it’s due to the pandemic or otherwise. They have to comply with the environmental, social, and governance(ESG) framework, which implies that the businesses have to reveal data about their operations covering all these three parameters. Many laws cover the ESG domain, and they are made compulsory by […]

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He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.