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National Education Policy 2020 to boost online learning

Online learning in Indian education is about to receive a major boost with the (National Education Policy)NEP 2020. This policy has replaced the national education policy of 1986. The major changes suggested under this education policy are as follows: • No other activity for Indian teachers: The teachers will be deployed for teaching only and […]

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Assistive Technology in elearning
How does Assistive technology help the impaired?

Learning is now enabled for all. Thanks to assistive technology, learners can easily grasp the information from e-learning materials. But the question arises, what is this assistive technology? There is an assistive computer technology through which a disabled learner can talk to a computer. This technology has created audio and visual aids for learners with […]

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Servers of educational institutions in online learning
Are servers of educational institutions really safe?

Online learning is the new concept for colleges and schools ever since Covid 19 pandemic took centerstage. But its security is also important. During the months July, August and September, there have been 1000 phishing attacks on servers hosting educational websites. These are websites of educational institutions. This figure of cyber attacks was found out […]

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online learning in US
Schools moving to online learning all over the world

Schools in Colorado to be shut down from November 30 Online Learning is getting adopted very fast in the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. Now, there is news that the US has already started adopting distance learning.   The Academy District 20 region in Colorado will make a move to this form of education. This […]

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Video Content localisation
Video content localisation:How important it is?

Video content is quite important for the learners of an elearning video. The videos have the maximum impact and hence their audio needs to be in the native language. Apart from the localization of elearning videos, companies are also relying on videos for driving sales. The Internet has also led to more and more people […]

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