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elearning in regional languages
How elearning is to be provided in regional languages?

Today elearning has become more focused on developing courses for various languages. Earlier when Edtech(educational technology)came into the picture, the focus was more on teaching coding to those aged between 7-12. Now, educational technology is faced with a new challenge, how to provide learning to Indians who speak 22 languages. This is the basic challenge […]

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Online learning challenges
Challenges in online learning: How to overcome them?

All over the world elearning and online learning have taken over a big way in education. However, teachers and students both are coping with the challenge. There is a big difference between elearning and online learning. Although both of them require web-based access, elearning requires someone to log in to a portal and complete online […]

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good scenario
How to write an effective scenario?

Scenario writing is an important part of elearning for any instructional designer. But the important question is how to write a scenario. Interactions are an important part of elearning. But scenarios are important because the learners connect to them. A scenario makes the learner think. Its because it has role-playing in it. The learners make […]

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leadership learning in a company
How does leadership training benefit a company?

Leadership training programs are getting quite popular. But companies provide leadership training so as to ensure that efficient and strong leaders turn out in a company. A company can hold both leadership classes and seminars to train the leaders. But what is the essence of such leadership classes on which they are based? Let’s know […]

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reduce bias in a company
How to reduce bias in your company?

Often companies segregate people into groups as per their intuition. This is not correct. This is a result of our faulty mindset. Some people don’t want to change their behavior by forming stereotypes of other people. However, organizations can include the removal of this kind of behavior in their learning programs. So, the question is […]

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