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managed learning service providers
Managed learning service providers: Outsource your learning needs

Companies have a lot to focus on in today’s times. Therefore, they are working hard to attain a balance. In this regards, companies have started outsourcing the training activities. The organization to which such training activities are outsourced takes care of all the aspects of training. This outsourcing happens because there is increased recognition of […]

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instructional design myths
Do’s and Don’ts of instructional designing

Instructional design is one of the most pivotal learning and development methodologies used by organisations. Here in this article, we are going to clarify 4 myths about instructional design: • Introduce an objectives screen in an instructional design course: This is important as an instructional designer would say because one of the objectives of Gagne’s […]

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microlearning getting popular
Why microlearning is getting popular?

The conventional learning methods have taken a backseat now due to the cost involved in delivering them. Apart from that, the lack of time on the learner’s part has also rendered elearning methods obsolete. Microlearning helps someone get training even if he or she is not at the location of training. For large organizations, the […]

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corporate elearning
Why there is an increase in corporate elearning services?

Why is there demand for corporate eLearning? The companies are now focusing on corporate management systems which can lead to heightened competence in processes. Using such eLearning systems makes sure that a business can run more efficiently and earn more profits. So, to get ahead of the competition in the market, businesses are making use […]

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interesting elearning for adults
How to have interesting courses of elearning for adults?

Elearning courses have grown up by leaps and bounds in recent years. Adult learners indeed consult elearning for adults to save time. Sometimes, these courses are a part of on-the-job training for these learners which is important to retain a job. But how to make such online courses more interesting for these learners. Learners indeed […]

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