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How to have elearning programs for developing leaders?

Today’s business leaders have to cope with a lot of challenges. A company can make sure that leaders understand what the market needs through e-learning. This way, there can be innovation in the products leading to the company becoming a market leader. Sometimes, such innovation in products is necessary for the company to retain its […]

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Simulations help employees learn

The corporate world has expanded to a significant extent. The processes change all the time. This implies corporate companies need to train their employees all the time, which can be cumbersome. The solution lies in making use of e-learning programs. The eLearning has become quite effective over time. It’s interactive through games and hence motivates […]

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Importance of Gamification in Elearning

Gamification is one of the most important components of e-learning. It’s important because it provides learners with a sense of accomplishment that retains their interest in the course. There are two kinds of motivation due to which learners feel so excited when they play games in e-learning. Extrinsic motivation This kind of motivation as the […]

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netiquettes in online learning
Are netiquettes required in online learning?

ELearning has become an important part of our lives now due to the Corona pandemic. However, communication in eLearning needs to be done properly. Netiquette is to be followed while discussing something or posting information online. Never intrude on the speaker during online learning: The most important rule is that since everyone else is talking […]

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