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Randomize Spinning Wheel

Here we are again with a learning based game!! In this game, every spin of the wheel would be accompanied by the random numbers and some questions. We have used JavaScript for randomizing the numbers. Try it and enjoy…!!  DEMO LINK: You will also like: How must elearning authoring tools be chosen to create stimulating […]

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learner engagement
How to motivate learners in E-learning?

Motivating learners through e-learning courses is not an easy task to accomplish. In simple terms, motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation provides a reason for doing something. In the e-learning context, learning motivation should be the reason or desire for one’s learning. The e-learning reason should be […]

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cloud LMS
Is there something better than Cloud computing in E-learning?

Readers, my immediate reaction would be No, not yet. Cloud computing is by far the best technology evolved for effective E-learning. The Cloud LMS is an innovative approach that allows learners to access learning material and information anytime and from anywhere. There are several more reasons why the cloud-based system is better than traditional systems […]

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data import
How to Import Multiple Questions from Excel Spreadsheet in Storyline2?

  Follow these steps for a successful data import from the Microsoft Excel sheet to Articulate storyline: Create an Excel sheet with the following columns: Quiz Question Type Score Points Questions Answer Choices (Answer Option1,Answer Option2,…)     In Quiz Question Type we can use abbreviations like:   Abbreviation Question Type TF True/False MC Multiple […]

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instructional designer
Instructional Designer- A blended mix of various skills

One question that generally comes into the Layman’s mind-Who is an Instructional Designer and what exactly does he do? To get the answer to this, first, we need to understand what is Instructional Design. Instructional design is a set of activities that are designed to identify the skills, knowledge, and attitude gaps of a targeted […]

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