learning solutions
Should a company implement learning solutions for IoT? 

There have been so many technological innovations around us, and no company can afford to stay aloof when a company plans to use IoT in its devices, it’s better to implement learning solutions for employees to learn the usage. These learning solutions can be developed with the help of creators of IoT devices who can […]

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informal training
Is informal training always to be preferred due to a human-centric approach? 

Companies now understand the importance of informal training. It’s the best way of making humans learn. It’s because of the natural way of learning when you pick up skills yourself. There are, however, many advantages and disadvantages of such a training process: No tests: The foremost benefit of informal learning is that adults don’t like […]

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VR training
How must a VR training vendor be selected?  

VR training is getting popular day by day due to its impact on changing the entire education scenario in the corporate world. This technology is nowadays used to provide the most advanced training to the employees, including taking them to VR-based simulations where they learn the crucial skills from their offices. The initial VR training […]

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hybrid training
Why is hybrid training useful in offices after the pandemic?

Hybrid training has become a feasible solution for companies ever since the Covid-19 pandemic became a reality. The employees shifted to the work-from-home mode and didn’t want to rejoin offices. The Hybrid Training concept means providing training to all the employees, including online means for those working from home and offline to those working from […]

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self directed learning
What is self-directed learning, and how can it help? 

These days, companies are focusing so much on making employees feel valued in an organization. Making them get better at what they do by allowing self-directed learning is a part of such appreciation. Self-directed learning can help companies give much-needed encouragement to employees. Employees have become more oriented towards their careers nowadays. There is a […]

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Why is xAPI the future of learning analytics now?

Learning technology is advancing at full throttle now. The companies are indeed making the best use of innovations in elearning to get the maximum reach of employees. XAPI(Experience API) helps a company collate data about an employee’s learning behavior. The best part about experience API is that the data about the learning behavior of employees […]

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Why should L&D (Learning & Development) focus on podcasts? Are videos not enough?  

The L&D industry is getting revolutionized now. Employees are getting incentivized in every way to receive training with pleasure. Podcasts are prerecorded audios, and many people find them a better way to increase their knowledge base without straining their eyes. Moreover, many important guests can become a part of such a podcast, and apart from […]

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He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.