Technical training advantages
What are the uses of technical training?

Technical training has made its way into our lives due to the rapid proliferation of technology. Now, everybody is using software to streamline tasks, whether it’s marketing professionals or other people. With technical skills, anyone can finish daily tasks faster. Companies want to find employees who have the requisite skills for the job. Every organization […]

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implementation of skill development
How to create a skill development program? 

Skill development is an important term for every individual now. Although the company might implement such programs for employees, problems can occur when employees are reluctant to accept them. The employees are not so eager to pursue such programs because they have their growth trajectory already planned in their minds. They might have planned to […]

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performance coaching
Why is performance coaching needed?

Need for performance coaching: Mental health has become a major concern for everyone these days. People are feeling burned out these days. This is hurting companies now. Companies have to understand the characteristics of employees suffering from burnout. Employees who suffer from this phenomenon don’t feel attached to anything. They also want to stay away […]

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What are inclusive assessments in eLearning?

Assessments form the basis for eLearning. Without them, it can’t be decided whether the learners are ready for work or not. But the assessments should be inclusive which means that nobody is biased against them due to personal problems, or lack of knowledge of local languages. There could also be other disabilities like dyslexia which […]

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How can AI help L&D in a company?

Artificial intelligence can be used in many beneficial ways to leverage the power of L&D. In the following ways it can be useful to create better solutions for learners. Easy search results: Content tagging is useful for learners because it helps differentiate the content. AI can tag the content as per the keywords contained in […]

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He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.