tools to be used by elearning companies
Which tools should be used by elearning companies?

Many organisations want to provide the best training solutions to their employees. Businesses have been dealing with remote teams this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, there was no training given by instructors in classrooms. The businesses had to focus on online training programs for this remote workforce. Elearning companies have come to the […]

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recognition of employees
How to recognise employees?

It’s very important for companies to recognise employees. Employees can achieve a lot once they are recognised consistently. Although employees are not doing big stuff every day, they are investing their time and energy in the small stuff. Companies often don’t pay sufficient attention to this small stuff. So, it’s important that even the smallest […]

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elearning companies
What does an LMS mean for schools?

There are many choices before a school before selecting an LMS. Let us look at some of them.  The transfer of schools to online education has necessitated many changes. One of them is the adoption of learning management systems. The meaning of a learning management system is that it provides a place where teachers and […]

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Hidden costs of an LMS
Getting an LMS? Be aware of the hidden costs

Have you got the LMS bill and it was more than you had anticipated? Sometimes organisations have this problem that they tend to ignore expenses associated with an LMS. Apart from the cost of the LMS and the monthly subscription fees, many factors are contributing to its cost. So, all elearning companies should alert their […]

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elearning companies can provide content for heatlhcare
Elearning companies can help in creating content for healthcare

Healthcare is a very controlled industry. Many rules and regulations are governing it. For example, there is the (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)HIPAAwhich came into existence in 1996 so that there is no fraud in the healthcare industry. The law makes sure that there is the maintenance of data on electronic billing of patients. […]

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Ecommerce for LMS
How to get the eCommerce platform for your LMS?

The LMS vendors don’t have eCommerce platforms. But these systems are required to make sure that the learners sign up for the course after paying for it. The companies must have eCommerce to make sure that they can track conversions for their marketing efforts many users have signed up for the LMS?   The […]

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future of elearning companies
What will happen for elearning companies in 2021? 

Elearning Companies are going to see a lot of trends happening in the year 2021. These elearning trends are going to decide on their future.  Companies know that for them to be globally competitive they have to work on their workforce. But this kind of training kind-of halted when the Corona pandemic hit the world. […]

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elearning companies
Want to get the best output from training ? Learn how!

Are you looking for training for your organisation? If yes, then you must also consider some training metrics which will let know whether the training has been successful or not.  It’s important to set up some parameters for training because otherwise, you can’t measure the outcome and the Return on investment of training. How far […]

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elearning companies help create good tests
How to prevent cheating in online exams?

Higher education has undergone considerable change in the last few years. The universities are now targeting the demographic of students with online programs. These programs are aimed at working adults. Since they are online, these adults can get time to focus on these programs. Plus, they don’t have to stop their earnings to be a […]

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How to change from offline to online learning?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became reality employees have been working from home. By the time, this pandemic gets over, employees would be working for home for two years. Its because many companies plan to open their office in the latter half of 2021. Now, the companies have to check how the employees are performing […]

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