Adding a Live Chat Box to Your Course

Another addition that can be used with Storyline2. You must have used “Ask the Instructor” button for forwarding the queries through email in your courses. In the current example, We have inserted a live chat box through which the queries can be attended instantly. In case the instructor is not available at that time, the […]

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Star War Quiz..!!

Welcoming the Star War 7 movie. Here, we are with a new quiz based game in Articulate Story Line 2 Demo Link:

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Current Trends in eLearning

eLearning being an inherent part of technology has evolved greatly over time. The efforts to evolve eLearning are aimed at improving the learners ‘experience. The new trends in eLearning are expected to make the learners’ experience a valuable one. Let us understand what these latest trends are and how they can enhance the learners’ experience. […]

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Rainy Day Background Created Using JavaScript

    Playing with Articulate Again!!  :o)   Adding an animated background to your course can enhance the look and feel   of your interface.  Below is a sample that contains rainy background, this aint a video that loops   infinitely, I have used JavaScript for this effect.  NOTE: Here I have used the dummy values for […]

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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.