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telecom elearning
How can telecom elearning help such companies?

The telecommunications industry all over the world has seen a dramatic change. It’s because this industry has seen this growth because of privatization and competition due to which there have been considerable improvements and hence growth. There is training required to run a telecom store efficiently. This kind of training involves telecom elearning. There is […]

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Why do banks need a BFSI LMS?

The world has changed dramatically in the past with new technologies coming to the fore. The service industry has indeed seen a boom, but there are so many complexities also one of which is intense competition. How can a BFSI LMS help bank employees? This is true in the case of the financial sector. Banks […]

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blended learning
What are the advantages of blended learning?

The Covid 19 pandemic has made sure everyone start working from home. But the companies had to still train employees during this time and blended learning was extremely useful. Blended learning is about providing asynchronous and synchronous education to learners at different times. Blended learning includes instructor-led training imparted to learners. This is of course […]

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