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23 Aug 2016

Travel Tips Interactive elearning Course

This time we have tried to convert a guideline (which states the do’s and don’ts while travelling by flight) into an interactive eLearning course. 

This course states the general travel tips to follow to make your flight journey delightful. Here, we have used images to represent a real scenario and added interactive quiz too. 

12 Aug 2016

eLearning Board Game in Storyline 2

This time created an eLearning board game in storyline 2. In this game you will learn about sea food and ocean.

We have added multiple questions in this board game to give learning. The goal of this game to make learning fun.

We have also added a leader board in this game to show top 10 high score player.

Referred the following sites to create this example.

Hope you will enjoy this game… 🙂

07 Jan 2016

Grabbing The Learner’s Attention

If we have designed a visually appealing and compelling training program. Do you think such training program is enough to glue the learners to their seats? Let us accept the truth that, for a learner our training program is just another training program. He/she will do any or all of the following while taking the training –take calls, chat, check mail, talk to a colleague, wonder how long the training program is going to last, and so on. I am sure everybody has done all these in school/college. So, why should our learners be any different?

Learner’s real world is full of distractions. So, it is very important to grab the learner’s attention. The first event “Gain Attention” out of Gagne’s nine events still holds good in today’s learning environment.

I am a great fan of this “Gain attention” strategy. The first few seconds/minutes of a training program plays a crucial role in deciding its fate. The learner may just leave the training in the middle or click ‘Next’ continuously to complete it. If first impression is not positive, the great ID strategies may just fall on deaf ears.

Gain attention strategy plays an effective role in eLearning. It has the power to increase the motivational level of your learner.

Gain Attention:

  • Arouses the learner’s curiosity.
  • Sets an expectation in the learner’s mind: What’s in the training for me?/ What is the training all about.
  • Makes the learner think about a particular concept: Really?/ No way!/ So true?
  • Helps the learner grasp what is going to be covered in the training.

Basically, a gain attention strategy will build a curiosity in the learner’s mind to see what comes ahead. The learner is actually interested in taking the training program.

We have talked enough about the importance of “Gain Attention”. Now, the question arises “What qualifies as a gain attention strategy?”


The different types of ‘gain attention’ can include:

  1. Pretests: Holds good for learners who believe they know everything and there is nothing more to learn. The objective is to enable the learners to understand where they stand at the beginning of the training program.Example: Before staring the training, let us answer a few questions
  2. Challenge: This holds good for demotivated learners.
    Example: You are a technical assistant. You have several customers who require your assistance. How many customers can you serve in a day?
  3. Problem solution approach: Builds the curiosity in the learner to solve the problem.
    Example: You have been appointed a manager of a team whose performance has been very poor over the past few months. How will you motivate your team and ensure that each member gives his/her best.
  4. Did you know?: Share facts that will really inspire and surprise the learners.
  5. Comic strip: Use comic characters to talk about a particular topic/situation.
  6. Story/scenario: Make the learners understand with a scenario or through characters in the scenario.
    Example: There’s a city where lot of school going children have been missing over the last two months. You being a part of the investigation department, have been assigned this case. You need to go to the city and solve the mystery.

There are several other innovative ways to design grab attention screens. If you have come across any, please feel free to share them.


30 Dec 2015

New Year’s Resolution Game

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which we make a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice. So this time we have created a funny new year resolution game in which you will find out your new year resolution.  

Some resolutions are simple, some are exotic and some are funny, but each is unique in its own way. There is surely one that would appeal to you!

We have used Storyline2 to create this game. 

Hope you like it! 
Thanks 🙂


17 Dec 2015

Pamper Santa This Christmas!

Christmas means sharing happiness and showing care to our loved ones. Usually on Christmas, Santa gives us gifts and spreads happiness everywhere. So this time, let us shower our love and care on him. 

Let us pamper our Santa! We have created this game using Storyline 2. Merry Christmas in ADVANCE..!!

03 Nov 2015

Current Trends in eLearning

eLearning being an inherent part of technology has evolved greatly over time. The efforts to evolve eLearning are aimed at improving the learners ‘experience. The new trends in eLearning are expected to make the learners’ experience a valuable one. Let us understand what these latest trends are and how they can enhance the learners’ experience.

·        Multi-device Learning
Smartphones and tablets are miniature versions of desktops and laptops. Therefore, whatever you access on the latter can conveniently be accessed on phones and tablets too. Any online training course that you wish to see, can easily be accessed by you on your smart devices. Once this approach is perfected over time, these devices would gain more prominence in the learning sphere because of the effective learning experiences they are able to generate.
·        Gamification
Gamification is the concept of incorporating game like elements and game techniques into the conventional eLearning courses to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. It has been observed that people when presented with visual aids, retain anywhere between 10% and 30% of the information. However, people, when asked to actively participate in activities or games while in the process of learning, their retention power shoots up to a surprising 90%.
·         MOOCs
Massive Open Online Courses have, until now, been the territory of only top universities. However, in the last few years, MOOCs have become popular with large corporations and organizations as well. In the times to come, we will see many corporations using MOOCs for employee training, future employee training and sharing of knowledge between large companies.
·         APIs (Application Programming Interface)
SCORM and Tin Can come to mind when we think of APIs. These programs have pre-built instructions to allow content to flow easily between different LMS platforms. TIN Can goes an extra mile here by allowing user data collection both offline and online. With this feature, API opens up new opportunities in learner progress tracking.
·         Flash HTML5 conversion

Talk about responsive design and multi-device compatibility and Flash will fail to fulfil the requirements. With a large number of devices coming up, a single build is required as it can perform across multiple devices. HTML5 promises to fulfill this requirement as it can play audio, video, 2D/3D graphics, and animation, all without a plug-in. Also, HTML5 also gives hardware access, offline storage, and supports cloud-based applications.
19 Oct 2015

Rainy Day Background Created Using JavaScript


  Playing with Articulate Again!!  :o)

  Adding an animated background to your course can enhance the look and feel 
  of your interface.

  Below is a sample that contains rainy background, this aint a video that loops 
  infinitely, I have used JavaScript for this effect.

  NOTE: Here I have used the dummy values for the temperature. I would like 
  to convert these dummy values into real ones, so please suggest how to do so.

  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  Flash Output:

  HTML5 Output: