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18 Sep 2015

6 Reasons for why should you use Info graphics in eLearning

  1. Infographics are easy to understand: It creates a lasting visual impression on mind by providing relevant information in form of graphics with minimal words explaining them. This manner of providing concise data is very easy to read and remember by learner. People retain approximately 80% of what they usually learn as opposed to 20% retained by reading.
  2.  Infographics saves time: As content is summarized with graphical presentations, keywords and concise data which helps in saving the time of the learners. Human brain process visual scenes 60,000X faster than text.
  3. Infographics are easy to share:Attractive Infographics has a higher ability of to be shared on social networks and become viral than the ordinary text content.
  4. Infographics provides chances to be creative: There is no standard templates for designing Infographics. Each one is different and one can always play with colors, formats, fonts and styles.
  5. Infographics creates brand advocacy: While designing an infographic, a logo of the brand should be embedded always. Whenever, it will be shared or liked on social networking sites gives free advertising to the brand.
  6. Infographics will help you to show your expertise: The research required for creating an infographic will display your knowledge and position you as an expert on your category or topic.
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