Flash to HTML 5 Conversion

Flash to HTML 5 Conversion

Convert Flash to HTML 5

Why Flash to HTML 5 Conversion?

Switching your Flash courses to HTML5 is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Adobe came out with the news of discontinuing its support for the Flash plugin in January 2021. Hence, the companies which had prepared elearning courses using Flash could not continue to use them. All the latest versions of the browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support Flash anymore sadly; hence it is paramount for companies to opt for conversion of such Flash based courses to the HTML5 format rather than discarding them.
Now, the companies cannot afford the costs of creating the Flash based courses from nothing, and hence they should contact us. If you are wondering what you will do with your Flash-based courses because they cannot be viewed in any browser, do not fret.

We have the perfect Flash to HTML5 conversion solutions through which you will have your training solutions running on any browser, be it web or mobile.


Anyway, the courses developed using Flash were never viewable on an iPad and iPhones and any other device featuring the iOS operating system and had restricted usability.  

Hiring skilled developers of our company has the advantage that your Flash-based course will be usable after conversion to HTML 5 and will not become obsolete. Moreover, we can enhance the usability of such courses by adding more games to them through rapid authoring tools apart from uploading them to an LMS (Learning Management System) where tracking their user statistics is much easier. 

 Also, HTML 5 is quite SEO-friendly. The flexibility it provides regarding its usage across both new and old browsers makes it a hot favorite amongst corporate players.

Also, the heavy processes used by Flash drained the mobile battery quickly. With an increasing number of remote workers relying on their mobile devices for connectivity, it was essential to switch to power saving options like HTML 5. Hence, HTML 5 also provides an effective power-saving alternative.

Convert Flash to HTML 5

How your Company can benefit from Flash to HTML 5 Conversion?

One of the most significant reasons why your company should consider conversion to HTML 5 is the responsive design output that HTML 5 offers. It, therefore, ensures higher compatibility with mobile devices, which Flash-based courses didn’t offer. Flash-based courses didn’t resize to fit the mobile or tablet screen, and required separate plug-ins to view courses on these devices.

HTML 5 allows learners to access learning modules on multiple devices, from laptops to mobile phones. Thus, it enables your employees to access the courses on whichever device they prefer.

HTML 5 will also let you audit your Flash courses, enabling you to retain only the most important courses. Thus, converting to HTML 5 will also give you the opportunity to redesign some of the courses as microlearning modules.