Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training (ILT) is the conventional form of training that occurs in a training room, typically in an office, classroom, or conference room. This form of training can have one or more instructors; and they teach skills or material to a group through lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. Despite the increasing popularity of eLearning, ILT is still regarded by many as the preferred choice to impart knowledge.

Our team brainstorms and puts in a lot of effort in making every training session an enriching experience. We follow a structured approach of extensive analysis of training needs, and then define suitable learning plans. We develop learning materials keeping in mind both the principles of instructional designers and the needs of the learners. For the learning needs of various organizations, we create instructor-led learning material including Presentations, Instructor and Participant Guides, User Manuals, Job Aid, Video, Audio and other multimedia content.

We ensure that the learning content is logically sound and has high sensory appeal for the modern audiences.

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