K-12 Learning

K-12 Learning

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Need for K12 learning

K12 learning has become a prudent option now because it uses the most feasible ways to teach students. The world’s governments have the aspirations that every student must benefit from using gadgets like laptops and Smartphones. Hence, elearning is playing a central role in K12 learning now. There are immense uses of technology in K12 learning, as students are very adept at handling social media.

The schools can benefit from using videos in K12 learning because students have a high passion for watching them for learning complicated concepts.

If all the information is presented to them in the form of videos, they will get better scores.

Videos can be curated in the form of tutorials or even demonstrations through which kids can learn things which surpass their course content also and are not found in textbooks. Videos are popular in younger children and teenagers because they appeal to their visual and auditory senses with animated graphics and sounds much more than textbooks.

The students have a hard time going through textbooks, but with videos, they learn the same subjects quickly and become well-versed with their practical aspects. For example, when explained with videos, students better understand the scientific principles of Chemistry and Physics. The importance of these subjects must be addressed because a better grasp of them fosters a way for a student’s academic success. A middle school student with a weak comprehension of these subjects can’t aspire to become a doctor or an engineer.

The percentage of students using videos to complete their homework assignments is a staggering 74%. Therefore, schools worldwide are now using elearning in K12 learning for more productive teaching.

K12 teaching is having a significant impact on the way students learn concepts related to Mathematics, History, and English. There has been a worldwide recognition of elearning in improving the vocabulary of students.

With students easily able to use technology, they get unparalleled support through it, especially in the case of virtual classrooms. So, elearning involves complete help from teachers through social media and chat abilities enabled in an LMS. The students can also resolve their queries when they show the teachers their computer screens.

This ensures that students get an advantage compared to classrooms where they may not get the peace and courage to raise their hands to ask questions from a teacher. But in elearning, the students can get help from the teacher when the latter is online.

Elearning is also helpful for students who are unable to manage morning schedules. They might not be able to attend school in the morning due to temporary sickness.

In that case, elearning is quite helpful. Especially in the case of higher education, where students have to drop out due to their financial instability, elearning is a feasible option.

ELearning has taken unparalleled importance in K12 learning because when students browse through the course content, it’s easier for teachers to keep track. They can know which students have been reading lessons and attempting games-based assessments. Games are also another factor due to which K12 learning has started using elearning to maximize student engagement. Since they are toddlers, the students feel pride in emerging victorious in games. They feel motivated to be a part of challenges and solve them because it gives them an adrenaline rush. With bespoke games designed by students of all age groups for us, you can maximize learning and have the desired impact in terms of learners mastering difficult concepts for life-long learning.

Creativ Technologies provides all kinds of K12 learning options in the form of entertaining and immersive videos, simulations and assessments, which teachers can use to aid them or supplant classroom teaching.


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