Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

The rapid emergence of mobile technologies and the growing adoption of mobile devices at workplaces has made it imperative for companies to come with learning solutions for employees who are consistently on the move. Mobile learning allows relevant content to be chunked into micro-learning modules and prevents any information overload. Thus, it helps the learners to retain and reinforce the information they gained through these mobile learning courses.

Why Mobile Learning?

With smartphones finding their way into almost everyone’s pockets and the Internet having become more accessible, learning through mobile is the best way of training learners who are always ‘on the go’. It offers learners a greater deal of flexibility not only in the choice related to the place and time of learning, but also allows them to learn through podcasts, videos, and other multimedia assets on smartphones.

Moreover, the content presented through mobile learning is concise and chunk-sized.

Thus, it allows for a higher completion rate of courses and also lets the learners initiate the next course, which eventually leads to a seamless and user-friendly learning experience. Since mobile learning is accessible at all times and places, it drives higher engagement and helps the learners stay on track, consequently, resulting in less number of dropouts.

How your company can benefit from Mobile Learning?

Believe it or not, almost every company operating in your niche has already begun training its employees through mobile learning. Adopting mobile learning can help your organization reach and engage employees in the most striking ways. Through mobile learning, your company can add more collaborative and interactive content which will lead to enhanced participation and faster training.

In today’s day and age, nobody likes being instructed about when and how to complete a specific task. So, the best way for your company to go about it is to give your employees a job and a deadline by which they should complete it. The availability of lessons on their mobile phones will allow them to access them whenever they can, allowing them greater freedom and flexibility. Thus, your employees can ease into the lessons at their pace. Also, touchscreens on mobile phones will make the overall experience more engaging and immersive as well.

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