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28 May 2021
adaptive learning

How can elearning get easier through adaptive learning?

There have been many advances made in the world of elearning over the years. There has been a higher focus on adaptive learning. Now, what is adaptive learning? This kind of learning involves the use of artificial intelligence and computer algorithms are used to create perfect learning materials for the learners.

As per this method, the learning activities are also decided as per the requirements of the learner.

The pandemic paved the way for the adoption of adaptive learning.

There was a use of educational technology tools all across the world. The educational institutions had to invest a lot of money in adopting their technology to enable digital teaching so that there was the purchase of hardware and software for the same purpose. However, just implementing the elearning methods was not sufficient. There had to be the use of adaptive learning to make sure that the students imbibe knowledge to their best level.

Adaptive learning is important so that students can chart their courses and learn on their own. They can also decide which format is the best for them. They can learn at a certain speed. The adaptive learning approach makes sure that different facets of the learning system are developed for different students so that they can learn in their way.

Adaptive learning systems make sure that students can get lessons as per their learning curve. These systems check the level of student performance to judge how he is progressing. In this learning system, a huge part is played by predictive analytics. This kind of analytics draws results from certain data collected by the student.

This kind of data includes parameters of the learning speed of the student such as how much time he takes in finishing tasks in elearning so that his IQ can be judged. The way he is using the computer or the smartphone to access the LMS also decides his IQ level.

The student might be preferring certain content more than others. Hence the predictive analysis decides what format of content should be delivered to students and what should be the ideal learning curve for the student.

These are the following ways in which adaptive learning can be easily implemented:

  • Change in technology
  • There needs to be a revolution in digital technology for this purpose.

    The best way to do this is to make sure that the schools integrate cloud technology.

    There should transition to a cloud-based system which implies that the elearning vendor could provide schools with a cloud-based server for LMS.

    The schools don’t need much training to use any cloud-based platform.

    With the cloud, online access to LMS is always possible for various schools. It’s because students can access the homework from remote servers at odd hours. /span>

    The teachers are also not dependent on the school server working to access the assessments within school hours. They can log in through a cloud-based LMS after school hours at their home getting the flexibility to check assessments.

    Also, the LMS of different schools could be integrated with the cloud so that a single corporation could monitor what’s happening in various schools.

  • Equal access to all

This is also important that students who can’t have access to laptops get access to such devices. The schools can arrange second-hand devices for them at lower rates.

Also, even if such students cant access online content, it should be accessible offline for them. Also, the LMS should have content available in different languages, so that students of different ethnicities can see it and understand it.


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