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05 Mar 2021
adult learners

How to tap the attention of adult learners in elearning?

Elearning is one of the hottest trends these days to impart any kind of knowledge.

But how to grasp the attention of adult learners whose primary focus is not learning.

Make sure learners have options before them

This implies that they should have a sequence of subjects ready for them. They can choose courses as per their own choice of a topic. This kind of drop-down menu is very essential for learners.

Allow exploration

The learners should be able to delve more into the topic. This is only possible when they have references given about the research material. They can get to know the research material in detail then. They should also have podcasts and videos where expert learners have spoken about the topic. Since adults have so much experience, you cant make them rely on talk alone. They need to see proof of what you are saying.

Social media channels

Social technologies are also an important part of elearning. This implies that social media can be used for creating groups of learners where they can share important insights about their knowledge. They can also share their expectations from the elearning module. You can create communities of learners on social media platforms which can prove to be seamless sources of information for them.

Games for adult learners

Make sure adult learners find the environment of elearning challenging. Adult learners must be given playful environments to learn. When there are games involved in elearning, learners are stimulated. Although including games is quite challenging, it’s important to include games to make sure that the learners are given pre-scheduled games. Although including such games is expensive, its important to include preprepared games so that you don’t need to create games from scratch.

Adult learners have busy schedules, so they might not have time to devote to lengthy modules. That’s why its important to create bite-sized modules for them. It is also confidence building for learners when information is presented in chunks. Learners can easily process and retain information.

Make use of humour

It can be quite appealing for the learners when there are witty characters built in the module. These characters could be part of a story woven including familiar situations built into the elearning module. This makes sure that the learners have their interest sparked in the module.

Ask stimulating questions

It is upto you to generate the curiosity of the learner by asking them interesting questions.

Make learners practice more

There is a German idiom that says that when you commit mistakes, you learn more. So, learners should be tested on assessments for what they have learnt. Assessments should be in different forms and sent via emails to learners.

Make learners involved

You can make learners involved by adding real-life stories in the modules. These can also include examples of what happens in the workplace. Make them recall how they can apply their new-found knowledge to the workplace.

This can way, adult learners can feel attentive during the course.


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