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11 Jun 2021
asynchronous learning

How is asynchronous learning progressing in times of pandemic?

Covid 19 pandemic has made paradigm changes to the world. Now the students are no longer getting taught through teachers in a classroom. The students can’t discontinue their education because the pandemic has forced the schools to shut down. There is asynchronous learning where students learn at a different time than when the teacher imparts the lecture.

The shift to asynchronous learning has been facilitated by the use of elearning authoring tools.

These technologies can help them in creating lessons and then sharing the videos with students. These tools also have chat messengers so that students can discuss their problems with teachers after they have watched the lecture.

The need for asynchronous learning was felt because it can happen that the internet connection for the students and teachers is not so strong to facilitate a synchronous class. Asynchronous learning also happens when the students are reading a book written by a teacher. So, the teacher is not there but the students are still going through his thoughts.

Asynchronous learning is happening through flipped classrooms these days. In such classrooms, the responsibility of learning lies with the student. The students have to browse through lectures before they come for a class. So, when the students are in a class they discuss which part of the chapter they have not understood properly and get a better insight. Asynchronous learning has made the life of educators quite easy. Since they create the materials for such learning, whenever that topic is taught again, they have such materials ready with them for future use. So, such materials can be sent synchronous and asynchronously as per the pandemic dictates. The teachers don’t need to record the material again for the students to see them.

The teachers can also include games in such lessons to make them more interesting for students. Following are the examples of certain games:


Educandy is also another interesting game for students. This game has the option to change your questions into interesting games. The students can therefore play games such as Word search, MCQ and anagrams. This way a student can interestingly learn about new topics. There are other games included in this app such as Match-up and Crosswords etc.


It also offers chances for students to play games. The teachers set the game based on a certain question/answer and produce a code(game ID) that the students can use to join the game. When the students have to join the game, they have to use that code. The teachers can be quite creative while creating this game and upload pictures from anywhere. For example, the students can ask students to choose an option whose logo is given as a question.

So, this is how asynchronous learning is evolving due to the pandemic

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A flipped classroom is a classroom that is completely opposite of a traditional classroom. Here students study the lessons on their own in homes and then do the assignments at school. The lessons can be in the form of videos also.