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27 Jan 2021
How can interactivity be increased with authoring tools

How to have a highly interactive elearning course?

Great elearning courses can only build the foundation of a company’s L&D material. Moreover, they make sure that the knowledge of the learners is checked.

You have to make sure that the authoring tool should be able to ensure your creativity in creating assessments.

There are many quizzing templates and result slides in an authoring tool, but most of the IDs create assessments as per their creativity. They create different interactions based on what they think best fits the need of a company. 

Before choosing an authoring tool, there are many features that you must consider. These features are as follows:

  • High interactivity 
  • Quizzing
  • Gamification 

High Interactivity 

Interactivity is the core of an elearning course. There are many tools used for interactivity which include hotspots, scenarios and drag and drops. 

Scenarios are very interesting tools that can be included in elearning. For example, such scenarios make sure that learners can apply their cognitive reasoning. This way, the learners can make sure that they can learn about the right and wrong choices. 

Learners can also have the click and reveal interactions. The learners can click on something and so much is revealed to him. They can be useful for learners. Such interactions engage learners in the course without making them move to the next part of the content by clicking on the button “Next”. 

A drag and drop interaction is the most useful of interactions. The learners can be taught anything with drag and drop. For example, you want to teach learners about recyclable and non-recyclable items. In that case, you can show two different bins on the screen for both such items. The learner can then drag and drop the items into the correct bin to get correct answers. 


When it’s about online training, quizzes can be very useful as they make learners retain things. If the learners are not retaining information, then you need to change the assessment type. Authoring tools give options such as MCQ, and matching answers to the correct question. 


There can be gaming elements added to an elearning course to make sure it’s more usable for the learners. Games make sure that the elearning course is quite useful for the learners. Apart from that games can be of various types. You can have a game with a square board where various squares stand for different questions. The learners have to click on the correct square in response to a question. You can also have complex games where the users can have several lives and points given to them. In such a game, there is also a leaderboard which tracks the progress of various learners. This kind of leaderboard also provides a challenging environment for the learners to outdo the other player. 

You can also have television quiz shows to make sure that the elearning course is more interactive. You can create such games from the basic scratch or get a template of a game from the internet. There are many sources on the internet from where you can get editable game templates. 

So, this is how you can build an interesting elearning course. 


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