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01 Feb 2021

How can automation help in elearning?

Elearning has going to provide a lot of advantages this time. Automation has a lot of use in elearning. An elearning program which is automated will make sure that the learners get content based on their needs. This content has been personalised according to the profile of the learner.

Even the performance of the learner in a company decides what kind of training content is needed by him/her which can be sent to him through automation.

The automation in the case of elearning content will produce an assessment to review the employee i.e. in the areas in which he needs proficiency. So, the content will be sent and resent through automation to the employee to make sure he becomes an expert. The assessment developed for him will also keep checking his proficiency levels to know what content has to be sent to him through emails etc. 

This is all possible because the audience profiling is done i.e. the audience is segregated into different kinds depending on the assessment results. This is done when they register themselves on the LMS. 

You can also automate all the features in elearning. Different features can be automated in an elearning course. 

Automated reports 

In a large organisation, it is not possible to be sure what each employee has learned. Employees might be accessing the LMS, but to know what each employee has learnt is not possible. The LMSs can now produce a wide variety of reports that include certifications of an employee. Such reports are generated for each employee. The management can make better decisions based on what employees have learnt so far. 

Automated notifications 

Since everything is automated in an elearning system, there are other advantages also. Employees can be sent notifications about when they have a learning activity scheduled for them. Sending such automated notifications to employees is beneficial and time saving for a company as compared to sending manual notifications which requires some time. 

Automated certificates 

Certification can also be done through automation. There can be certificates issued to successful learners. Since its automated, you don’t need to monitor the issuance. The users can be tracked about to whom certificates should be issued based on their completion of the courses. Apart from that, when a certificate gets expired, it is automatically renewed for the learner. So, the whole certificate issuance system is no longer bothersome for the users of the elearning system, but it is automated. 

Automation, in any industry, brings a lot of benefits to the user as well as the organization. Let’s see how it benefits the eLearning landscape:

Automation in elearning thus has the following benefits:

Personal needs of the learners are met 

Using personalisation, the learning experience can be geared to the needs of the learner. This can all be achieved through automation. 

More time for the creation of elearning course

Since everything is done through automation, the L&D team has more time to create elearning courseware. So, generating elearning requires more human resources which means optimum utilisation of human resources. 

Lesser time to create live courses 

Since everything is automated, humans are saved from doing manual tasks like producing certificates and this makes sure that they can generate the course in time. 

Result-oriented training

Automation tools make use of the way users interact with the system. The learners are sent content based on assessments. Thus the training is more result-oriented to the needs of the user. 

This is how automation can help in better elearning. 


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