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26 Mar 2021

How should a company choose between off-the-shelf or bespoke training courses?

The company decides it needs to embark on a training course to make sure that the training needs of the employees are fulfilled. When the salespeople need training, the companies have to get eager to prepare such materials for them. Companies can invest in off-the-shelf courses. But they are not enough for every company. It is because they teach dealing with generic scenarios that the employees of a company might not face. The company for whom the off-the-shelf course was prepared might not belong to your industry. Also, such kind of training is not enough to get real-life practice on how to carry out the job role perfectly.

Real-life training imparted through bespoke courses

However, a custom/bespoke learning course can fulfill all your needs. It can make sure that employees get to deal with real-life situations during such training. The employees can prepare themselves for the exact situation that happens in offices during such training. They also get training from experts who are well versed in the challenges and culture of the company. The experts can be assigned on a one-to-one basis to an employee. For example, if there is a bespoke course on how to build successful teams, it would provide chances for the learners/leaders how to cope with real-life problems. It would also give them knowledge about how to get solutions for their problems. The participants in such leadership training programs would expand their skills. Sometimes, the leaders are not so versed in the workings of their department. Such training provides them with the required cross-functional skills. Such training provides them with the required cross-functional skills and helps in talent building:

Aids in talent building

The need for custom training has been realized more now than ever because companies have started paying attention to their talent. The people and culture of a company can create a significant difference to it. It can retain people when proper training has been provided to its leaders.

The custom-based courses also make sure that the skills of the most talented employees of the company are shared with others. This way, other employees are motivated to perform like their successful seniors.

However, an off-the-shelf course can be implemented speedily. It’s because you don’t have to spend time preparing a course. So, buying an already prepared course is apt in such situations.

When is custom training better than an off-the-shelf course?

Custom training however is the most perfect solution in some situations. It’s when you have to introduce a new product in the market or introduce new software. In that case, employees can get a hang of the new work procedures through bespoke training. The company needs employees to focus on the results of adopting new procedures and the work metrics expected from them. An off-the-shelf course can’t be used for training employees about company-specific processes.

So, a company needs to choose between off-the-shelf courses or custom courses depending on its situation.


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