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12 Apr 2023
CSR training

What are the benefits of a CSR training program?

These days, businesses are adopting faster processes for the sake of the customer. This is also because the market size is decreasing, and the companies must give their best. This is how AI is getting used to improve customer support:

Companies have started using AI to simplify their marketing processes. For example, whenever someone gets into the website and doesn’t click the chat button. Since you can track who has visited your website, you can send an automated email to this person, including the action button and the product description page. This saves the job of the marketing personnel who don’t have to personally email everybody. With automated emailing software, people who don’t open this email can be sent another email later. So, the company employees, especially those in the marketing domain, must be taught how to use automated emailing software.

  • Chatbots communicating with the customer:

AI has revolutionized customer support representative jobs due to the use of chatbots. Using chatbots ensures that the need for human agents is reduced,hence the company has lower budgets.

The chatbots can now answer all customer queries on time without the latter having to wait for a human agent to come online. Text analysis makes this possible when the chatbot finds certain words in the chat and then responds accordingly.

The CSR(Customer Service Representative) can also correspond with the sales team when they see frequent complaints about a particular product.

For this they need to check the chats conducted with chatbots.

When there are complaints about the same product, it needs to be rectified to avoid major issues.

CSR training cannot be done efficiently through the classroom method because it can be frustrating to check the knowledge of agents by the trainer. But in elearning-based training, quizzes can be created through which agents can display what they have learnt.

Also, the trainer might lose his patience if  trainees ask too many questions simultaneously. This problem can’t arise in elearning, where the trainees can pose questions on a forum.

  • AI helps in segregating customer requests:

Moreover, customer service agents are always hard-pressed for time. They lack time to answer customer troubles. But it the help of AI, the most troubled customer requests can be sorted first. For example, a customer speaking something very negative can be attended to first rather than someone calm. When the customer troubles are prioritized, the CSR can attend to the most agitated customers.

So, the AI helps routing the customer request to the right agent depending on the urgency. This way, the experienced agent handles the most difficult request while others deal with the easier ones. This is how an elearning vendor can help a company in CSR training:

How can CSR training help?

  • Screencasts of the CRM software:

Any company can ensure that its CSRs get the right training so that there is a workshop for the agents. They can check the support system for themselves. They can be shown and provided with screencast-based videos of such systems. Once they have the videos, they can review them repeatedly to get the hang of the software.

They can also be given quizzes to know whether they can work with an AI-based chat support system. Once they score well, they can handle the real support tickets. A crucial aspect of any CSR training is that such employees must be able to provide feedback. This aspect is taken care of by the eLearning vendor who includes it in a form in the course.

The CSR training is crucial so they can handle the CRM software without bothering others. With the right kind of elearning vendor to support your CSR training, it can be entertaining for the employees, and they can also learn the steps for operating the CRM software properly.

  • In CSR training, include simulations of daily situations:

Apart from screencasts, they can also watch simulations featuring animated situations such characters face. It’s not necessary that the CSR training is asynchronous; it can include some synchronous elements, too, like the CSRs gathering for a team lunch. In such get-togethers, they can get to know each other because they have to work and collaborate. On top of it, such meetings can also be useful in the future when there is a zestful environment on the floor. If the CSRs have some problems with the software, they can ask questions through the discussion forums included in the LMS.

  • Real life skills:

Apart from artificial intelligence, CSRs must be trained to have empathy for the customers calling them. When they don’t have much helping attitude towards the customers, it can cause problems for the company. Hence, the customer service representatives need proper onboarding; otherwise, they can get scared during situations and hang up on the customer.

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