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04 Jun 2021
Customer experience management

What is customer experience management?

Companies are selling goods online and taking a lot of efforts to make sure that their sales happen.

Customer experience management is important for companies because it is used by them to check whatever happened between them and a customer throughout the time he/she was served.

Customer experience management sounds quite similar to customer relationship management, both have their differences. While the former is a strategy that makes sure that the customers are at the centre of a company’s strategies so that there is an increase in brand loyalty etc. These programs listen to customers when they talk about what they felt when dealing with a company. After some time, the customer experience management deals with the negative emotions of a customer to rectify such emotions and turn customers in favour of the company. The parts of customer experience that generate negative emotions are completely changed. Customer relationship management on the other hand deals with what is the value of a customer for a company.

What are the advantages of a CXM program?

  • Customer retention is cheaper than acquisition-Studies have shown that when there is customer retention i.e. customers don’t shift to other brands, there can be a huge increase in profits. So, when a customer is satisfied, he orders more from the company and hence the company does not have to spend on new customer acquisition.
  • Customer feedback causes improvement-Customer data can be collected through many modes including chat responses, web surveys and phone conversations. All these make sure that the companies have an exact blueprint with themselves to modify customer experience.
  • When employees are happy, customers are happy dealing with them- They get a positive vibe about the company through them. Companies that aim to improve the customer experience so want to change the voice of the employees by assessing it.
  • Happy customers project a positive customer experience-These days, word-of-mouth publicity is also a way to retain customers. When customers are connected through social media, they need to say positive things about products. The customer’s opinions of word-of-mouth about a product matter the most to the fellow customers in buying a product.
  • Customers are likely to buy products when they are happy with them.: The impact of publicity by users is much more than advertising. The first steps you can take to create customer experience management is to create customer segments. Once the customer segments have been created, they can prepare proper policies for different segments.

How to have a positive customer experience?

  • Develop emotions of the customers towards products-Its important to create a brand personality so that customers feel emotions about the product. Hence customers and companies share a positive relationship with the product.
  • Get customer feedback-It’s important to get customer feedback about the product so that you know what he feels about it. The company can also get to know what the perceptions of a customer about a product are.

It’s important to create a customer journey. This will also decide how the customers will integrate with services or products. This will make sure customer journeys will make customers experience better and lead to higher customer retention.





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