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17 Mar 2021
Digital Natives

How to educate digital natives through technology?

Digital natives have become predominantly the new species of learners.

This name was given to the new-age learners by Marc Prensky in 2001. Who are these learners and why are they so important. The learning material designed for these natives needs to be technologically empowered just like them. These kinds of learners use Iphones to browse and equip themselves with knowledge. These kinds of learners are tech-savvy and the following are some tips when you are designing a course for them.

Set the ground rules for communication

The educators have to make sure that a proper learning environment is created for digital natives. The video calls in this case are similar to a classroom, but you need to establish some ground rules. These ground rules include when questions can be put. The students can make sure that video calls are done efficiently so that students can get all the learning required.

Digital Natives should understand the consequences of how an elearning program would affect them. The teachers should tell them the reasons they have taken up a course when it starts. It energizes them from the beginning because they are going to embark on a new learning goal. The teachers should also introduce them to the learning goals of each section respectively.

Tell Them Why

It’s also important to familiarize digital natives as to how they can use the content in the real world. If digital natives can understand the practical applications of the course and how it will improve their skills, they would take much more interest in it.

A report by Barnes and Noble College has shown that Generation Z has a preference for learning things by doing them. So, this generation Z guys can’t be taught just through a virtual classroom. They have to be given interactive assignments. There can be ways in which multimedia can be used intelligently to engage these Generation Z students. Following are how it can be done:


Videos can be used to engage such learners. Pearson has concluded that 59% of those from Generation Z like imbibing knowledge through Youtube videos. Although Youtube links can be embedded in lessons, educators must know that they can be used to surf the site, so the learners must be stopped from opening any other links besides the embedded ones.


Quizzes can also be included after the video lessons to make sure that the students are understanding through the virtual lessons. It’s also important to check that students can ask questions through instructors in virtual settings.


It’s also important that educators must prepare short modules. This way, Generation Z learners can process information easily. Also, there must be games present after such modules. The learners can retain a lot of information after going through games to get tested for such knowledge.

The games make sure learners can store information in long term memory. Its because they can only progress through games once they can recall any such information stored in their short term memories.

Make them learn in their own way

Digital natives should be given assessments when the course starts. This helps them to know how much they know about a particular subject and hence they can use course objectives for their own benefit. They become aware of what they don’t know and hence focus on the subject matter for particular course objectives they don’t know anything about.

Accessibility of the course

It’s important to check that the course is accessible on all kinds of devices. These devices include mobile phones, whether those operating on Android or Ios. Courses must also be accessible on desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets.

This is how elearning companies can create courses for Digital Natives.