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18 Jan 2021
Diversity based training

How to impart diversity based training?

Diversity training is quite important for an organization.

It is because employees hired from different nook and corners of the world need to respect each other. There are basic activities a company can undertake to ensure employees are acquainted with the diverse cultures of their coworkers. When the diversity factor is included in the training, it ensures that people of different cultures feel appreciated and respected. You can ensure that such training events are in-depth, so no laws regarding compliance are defied.

Including the following activities in your training make sure that you can get the best output from such activities:

Employees sharing experiences :

The employees can be asked to present their anecdotes about certain work. These training events should be online. This way, coworkers from different cultures can ask their peers about their cultural backgrounds. This can make sure that employees of different cultures can easily communicate with each other.

However, some guidelines should be given to everyone in such diversity training sessions so that no one mocks the work-related experiences of someone from a different culture.

Make sure that in this anecdote sharing event, people from diverse cultures are selected so that every culture is covered.

Coaching program:

There should be a coaching program in such diversity training where employees can get together and help each other learn about their different cultures. This should be a good peer-to-peer mentoring program and a culture-awareness building program which increases the harmony in the company so that employees who work at similar levels can share their experiences. Employees in superior positions can coach those in lower positions in such events.

Build simulations about different situations:

Another way to foster respect for diversity in the organization is by making sure that there are simulations built upon different cultures in the office. For example, there can be simulations about how to greet and talk to a person of a different culture.

For example, an elearning company can build simulations where an employee is switched with an employee at a different location. He can then be a part of a simulation that requires him to work with other employees’ equipment and his situations. This way, he can understand the cultural challenges faced by the other employee.

Discussions on social media:

Apart from live online events, where employees talk about work-related nuances, there can also be events on social media. On these blogs, employees can talk to each other. They can talk about why they dress up in a certain way in the office.

When discussions occur on social media, employees understand they have been following stereotypes about others that might not be true. There should be a basic rule that everyone’s suggestions should be understood, even if no one consents to someone’s viewpoint.

You can also produce videos to ensure employees understand each other’s cultures. In this video, the way of talking and walking of different cultures can be shown through animated characters.

So, this is how a company can include diversity training so that nobody leaves the company due to a lack of respect for him/her.

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