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06 Sep 2021
retail training

Retail training is important for businesses with multiple-channel accessibility

Modern-day customers have become more technically savvy thanks to the advent of digital communication. Today, customers have become fond of online shopping done using their gadgets where they don’t need to leave their abode. Those companies which are not making a foray into digital technologies are lagging behind competitors and losing business.

Since 2019, the world started experiencing the pandemic and online shopping became a norm. The customers were not willing to go to stores anymore due to the fear of the disease. Instead, the customer service staff was facing problems due to such a heavy rush of customers online. The customers didn’t get their answers instantly; instead, their calls had to be transferred to different departments like the Product to respond to prospects. Google Insights has already reported that right now, being in the E-commerce business is the most profitable possibility, especially in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) group countries including Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. By 2022, the online shopping market in this region will have enhanced three times from 8.3 to 28.5 billion USD.

Hence retail training has become a major requirement for companies. The customer service people are now working from home due to the pandemic because stores have been shut down and their leaders have taken such decisions. Hence there is a need for a cloud-based server to be implemented by such stores, so that customer data is accessible all the time for everyone.

Increasing demand and technically proficient customers

The rising demand faced by customer service representatives has become a problematic issue for them. They don’t have time to answer customer queries on various platforms. Hence, with a cloud-based server, they have centralized storage available to them like which customer has accessed them before and what are his product preferences.

Retail training can be useful for sales representatives because it can allow them to access customer conversations through cloud-based solutions.

The retail executives can be taught so much through such training.

How to operate the CRM: A company also has to implement a CRM to keep track of whom the customer is dealing with but it has to be integrated with an E-commerce platform so that customers can post orders and queries online. A must for all-around availability, a cloud-based server is required to host both the CRM and the E-commerce based website and mobile app. For example, the companies can reap the benefits when the customer service representative raises a ticket about the unavailability of the product and he is informed as soon as possible when the product becomes available because lets the vendor has also been added to the same CRM. So, there is not much delay between when a customer asks for a product and when it is supplied to him counting as an effective business. Retail training has come to the rescue of companies when customer service representatives learn how to raise a ticket on the CRM.

The retail training can also be beneficial when such employees what conversation should be added to the help desk so that responses to the customers are automated. This way, the customers don’t have to wait for a response when retail executives are not in their seats. Integrated voice response (IVR) is the necessity of our times.

Retail training can ensure that the salespersons can provide feedback to general questions posed by customers on WhatsApp. This helps in chatbot programming also.

Communication skills: Online shopping has seen such a boom because the customers are expending so much time on their cell phones and the ads on such devices capture such attention. The placement of mobile ads has increased by 70%, which has fuelled such a surge in online shopping. Chatbots have also become a necessity where customer queries are handled through software. But retail training is mandatory because the customer care executives are required to handle those WhatsApp queries which a chatbot can’t resolve. Retail training is required for the betterment of communication skills for the executives. They can also consult the company’s website to solve customer confusion, but they need to multitask. Retail training also helps them to search a cloud contact center solution through keywords for answers to customer troubles to give a prompt reply. Customers are now in a hurry to make sales and when they can’t get the right answer, they leave the chat, so retail training is an essential solution to make such executives skilled with new technologies.

Due to the pandemic, all the businesses are offering omnichannel support and are now reachable through Live Support, website contact form, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to name a few. Businesses can’t afford to be complacent anymore, and retail training is all about that. The sales executives should be ready to set auto-responder emails in a CRM to an inquiring customer based on the keywords in his question. The customers want instantaneous responses and any delay in the reply can force them to look elsewhere.